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Yes, I would date outside of my race. BUT, I would not date them if I had to constantly fight and hide my faith, even though I'm atheist, around them. It's just a lot of stress on a person you know what I mean? For your questions, -Your family would freak at the thought of you dating a person of that race? Yes. Who sais it's bad to date outside your race? You be surprised what you find out from other people that don't look like you or don't have the same beliefs as you. People are the one's that came up with the idea that it wasn't a good idea to have an interacial relationship. It should not matter what people think. You will probably be judged if you end up with either. So do what makes you happy.. Im glad my black wife took a chance on this lonely white boy even if she does get belittled by her grandmother about it constantly.. for example.

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Dating Outside Your Race Yahoo Answers

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Would you date outside your race? | Yahoo Answers

So would you date outside your race? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I would, I wouldn't judge people about what race they are. I would happily date outside my race. As long as neither of the two people have a problem with it, I say go for it!

Everyone has different tastes, my friend really see more Asians!

And there are certainly a lot of good looking black people out there too. I think as long as there is an attraction, race shouldn't matter.

How I feel about it is, a guy is a guy and a girl is a girl. I am african american and I'm very light skinned. I have always been attracted to to dark skinned men. But I have had Dating Outside Your Race Yahoo Answers white man before.

There is nothing wrong with dating outside of your race. Its normal, there are a lot of people like you. Yes, I'm of Pakistani heritage but I was born and raised in the states and am now a Christian and I've definitely dated out of my race. I've been on dates with Hispanic Dating Outside Your Race Yahoo Answers, White guys and Black guys too. To me love is colorblind. My fiance isn't my fiance because he's white, its because I love his personality and he's always been there for me.

Btw, I was never attracted to guys in my own race. The fact that they think abusing women is ok is a big deal breaker. I've dated with 2 brown skinned guys. Almost dated a black person Indian but I sort of just changed all of a sudden.

Would you 'fall in love' with an old person? Thats your preferences and if you like white guys more than black guys then their is nothing wrong with that. Link Can I respond to his text? They think every women worships them, and then when they meet a women that doesn't like them at all, they get all aggressive and insult her.

It seemed inacceptable to me after all we had been through. I have tons of dark skin friends but maybe just as a partner I'm just not that attracted and maybe not the right one with great personality. If a guy is black but has amazing personalities paired continue reading charming lookssure: I think it's ridiculous people think it's bad to date another race.

Not to sound super cheesy but who cares about the color of your skin when it's whats inside that really counts? You are attracted to who you are attracted to Yes I would, If you are attracted to someone of another race than go for it.

Do you think it's wrong to date outside your race?

Of course I would As long as she has a pretty face and a great personality, I'm all for it. I've been attracted to white women, black women, Hispanic women, Asian women, etc I'm an 18 yr old white girl deeply in love with my boyfriend, who is black. It's what the person is like as a secular whole, and if they are compatible with you.

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Dating Outside Your Race Yahoo Answers

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Which to me isn't the correct way of thinking. But, you are beautiful and if you are interested in a guy and he happens to be white or hispanic go for it. Why do people do this so young? Its good 2 date out of your race because u learn so many new things its is also ok to date any one same race same gender.

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