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Reach Pending Download Halo Matchmaking Data Playlist

Halo Reach - Matchmaking Spot featuring Mr Sark, Hutch and The Dead Pixel

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Hi, I recently downloaded the Defiant map pack, and everything was fine (had a couple of games of Score Attack to check it out). I tried Matchmaking yesterday, and I kept getting "Playlist data pending download ". I tried several times throughout the day, and got the same. I tried restarting Halo, and. playing on bc and has been ever since this morning. Halo reach matchmaking playlist data pending download. Phone number for match dating site. I tried several times throughout the day, and got the same. I just got on and got messages from some friends that it was down for them. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried again and this time, I waited for 3 hours, still.

Is anyone else having this problem? You should perhaps download the entire Reach Client to your console as well as re-download not delete and redownload the Defiant. Top Posts Complete list of ranks for Halo: Jim jones on Complete list of ranks for Hal…. Search Advanced Search section:

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Halo: Reach - Skirmigeddon 2.0 (Firefight Score Attack gametype)

Pardon me if the formatting is terrible, I'm writing this via phone. I now play Halo Reach via Xbox One.

Halo Reach Matchmaking Playlist Data Pending Download

It's been working fine since it's backwards compatibility release, up until now that is. However, when it comes to playing Halo Reach, I seem to be connected, but I can't play matchmaking.

My Spartan seems to have all default armor on, colored completely black, has the default emblem, has no service tag, and is ranked recruit where as I'm actually Nova.

Are Reach Servers Down?

When I go to the armor customization menu, everything seems fine and I have what I've equipped on. When I go to the matchmaking lobby, I can't select what game mode I want to play.

It just sits there saying "Loading Information from Halo: I tried resetting my Xbox One and it still didn't work. I tested my Network Connection it now says it's good. I tested my Multiplayer Connection and it also says I'm good.

hookupex.date : Halo: Reach Forum : "Playlist data pending download" forever

All Services are Available. Yet when it comes to Reach, everything goes down hill. I really don't understand the problem here. It seems as if there is a problem with Halo Reach for me.

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Does anyone know how to fix and resolve this issue? Reach is my most favorite game and I don't want it dying on me.

Halo Reach Matchmaking Playlist Data Pending Download

Show More Show Less. Thank you for your report! In the meantime, please discuss this in the following support thread: