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Marriage War Zone: Verbal/Physical Abuse, Demeaning Your Spouse, Leading As Men!

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This is just one of the many ways emotionally abusive people will try to exert their dominance over you, and it's not healthy at all. Additionally, if they use the “silent treatment” to punish you after a fight, or for saying or doing something they don't approve of, or for no apparent reason at all, then they're being emotionally. 26 Jan "I was the valedictorian of my high school class, and I was on the fast track at the university. I didn't drink or do drugs or any of those things you associate with falling in love with an emotionally abusive person." But after a while, she says, "It was like I wasn't even me anymore." Women who are being. After you have taken the emotional abuse test, evaluate your score and get the 12 things you MUST know and do if you are being emotionally abused. Click to get the Typically, a verbally abusive husband uses his words to control, but sadly sometimes physical coercion and assault are also used to control. If you are a.

I am a 30 year old married woman with two children. Outwardly I do not have much reason to be unhappy but I do feel depressed, anxious and annoyed most of the times. I feel I cannot give my children a healthy atmosphere like this and that is why I am sharing this with you.

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My husband is otherwise a nice person but he is rude almost all the time. When he is good to me its like everything is really good but the problem is that he keeps verbally abusing all the time.

Notify me when new comments are posted. It will give you some indication of psychological and emotional abuse in your current relationship. Dave's Max I understand how a mother can be that manipulative….

He constantly tells me I am worthless, good for nothing, calls me names without any reason. He can start just about anytime without even the slightest provocation. He even tries to belittle me in front of the children.

While it is true that it is less acutely dangerous to be verbally abused than to be physically or sexually abused, verbal abuse is still abuse. Life should be enriching, for you and those around you. He would always follow me, begging me to come back, that he lost his temper. Let's see this is how it goes:

He says I have a large ego and that is what keeps him at constantly trying to instill some sense and make me more humble. I have been brought up in a very healthy manner feeling proud of the fact that I am a girl. Though my husband went to a better college and is much better settled professionally, I have also done my masters in engineering and am a hard and sincere worker.

He keeps telling me that I am stupid and know nothing. He says I should do everything as he tells me and when I say I have my own mind he says I create problems in everything.

By that time I am disturbed enough and am not feeling quite alright and then he says now what and calls me mentally unstable. Its been almost 10 years since we married. He has driven me almost to madness with his behavior.

Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband

He says the choicest of rude things and when he is in a better mood he apologizes. Yes he would have apologized and said sorry at least a thousand times until now. But I know everything he says and go here is totally meaningless.

I do not think I can describe everything here and its difficult to understand my situation from this. I would just like to to tell you that I have tried to just ignore everything and get on with trying to have a normal life…always forgiving and forgetting…bearing with him …going along with however he wants things to be. But then he feels he can get away with just about any kind of behavior. I just want to ask you whats the best way to deal with verbal abuse?

Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband

How do you instill the slightest amount of respect in men who feel respecting or trying to understand and care about a woman is unmanly? She does not represent herself to be a psychologist, therapist, counselor or professional helper of any sort.

Her responses are offered from the perspective of a friend or mentor only. Anne intends her responses to provide general information to the article source of this website; answers should not be understood to be specific advice intended for any particular individual s.

Questions submitted to this column are not guaranteed to receive responses. No correspondence takes place. Always consult with your psychotherapist, physician, or psychiatrist first before changing any aspect of your treatment regimen.

Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician. On the contrary, I think you have plenty to be unhappy about. While it is true that it is less acutely dangerous to be verbally abused than to be physically or sexually abused, verbal abuse is still abuse. It wears down your spirit and can make you depressed and feel bad about yourself. It seems you have sometimes taken a passive approach towards his belittling of you when you have ignored and forgiven himand you have also taken a fairly aggressive approach to dealing with him too when you confront him and show your anger.

Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband of these approaches has seemed to work. The problem with being passive is that your husband gets to treat you badly without challenge. The problem with being aggressive back towards him is that he is likely to see your anger and get angry himself, causing a fight to occur.

The middle way, assertiveness, is a way to confront the abuse without attacking back yourself.

Forms of Emotional and Verbal Abuse You May Be Overlooking

Rather, you want to communicate your hurt go here. It is vital that you not call him names, hit him, or say nasty or sarcastic things back to him. If you become angry, he will become reactive to Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband anger and there will be a fight that will go on and on. Instead, talk about yourself and what you are feeling, and remain respectful towards him while doing so. In essence, to be assertive means to be like Gandhi: A sympathetic listener who can help guide you through the work of learning to be assertive could be a benefit.

If psychotherapy is not available or affordable for you, perhaps you can at least read a book about assertiveness. More "Ask Anne" View Columnists.

Well i was just reading this letter I just went through an abusive relationship myself. It is not worth it to stay. There are ways out and if that means getting financial assistance, going to family or friends, getting a second job When we stay, we teach our children how to have a relationship that is dysfunctional.

Do you want your kids to more info this treatment as you are? My ex called me names such as fat, ugly and throw some F words in there with it. He also gave me the silent treatment for days on end and said I was crazy, his worst relationship and left me on more than one occasion.

I am pregnant and have a 10 year old boy who I will NOT subject to this treatment. As much as it hurts, you cannot force anyone to change For the sake of your mental health They want you to feel low and they want to be in control I don't appreciate that comment about men thinking that they're God. I'm pregnant and very emotional my husband calls me dumb and sutpid all the time,this is my 4th pregnacy and i lost 3 babies before i'm scared of losing this one Im in an abusive relationship too.

He says he loves me one day,and the next its a different story. If we fight, its wont just be a fight, he will turn it into something mean and hurtful. He will tell me how im stupid,and how i cant do anything,and how pathetic i am. Who is he to say that to me. He then will say to me after wards how sorry he is and how it wont happen again and he knows its wrong, but he repeats himself over and over again.

He breaks me down and i have "sold my soul" to this type of relationship. I was a great person before i met him and i know i will be afterwards. It is hard to leave him, but i know there is someone out there somuch more better for me. Becaseu as much as i hurt, i still love him. My name is Dee and have been living with verbal abuse from men pretty much my whole life.

I guess I have a sign on my face that reads: I'm so tired of it that today in read article car he got mad at me and called me a fing c word and I smacked him in the head and all he said was if you do that again he's gonna call the police, so this is kind of funny because last year in Aug.

This tells me that I have had enough. He is the guy who everyone loves and no one really cared that he slapped me and they just dont want to hear it.

I'm staying with him because I do love him but there are ways to deal with men like this. Ignore them when they start calling you names and just walk away, go into another room so you can have the peace and quiet you deserve, they are made out to be the fools.

I am very independent but financially on ssdi, and dont want to start over so I guess I take the abuse. He knows that he Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband me because we have talked about his moods and how everything is my fault, and even laugh about it because he knows he is wrong. He was doing really good for a good while, but I swear men have pms also, because one day he loves me and the next day I am a fing b word and also a c word and also crazy, oh and today he told me that he wants a divorce because he cant take my crap anymore.

But atleast now from last year when I was slapped the whole family found out that what I had been talking about was true, I feel better that they know, I'm not alone anymore. I am just going to do what I do and dont feel like talking to him for awhile just for this and I have my kids and grandkids who make me smile. My husband expects alot of things from me and I get nothing in return from him.

So, I do things to make me happy without him. You have to do what you do to make you happy. If he wants to act like a jerk, then Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband him.

He is just a very sad man who has to blame someone else for his own faults. And very insecure and very controlling but I stand up for myself and he Am I Being Verbally Abused By My Husband not like it but that's too bad.

Well, life goes on and all I have to say is I have to rely on me and only me. I dont trust him when it comes to my life and he keeps things from me and when he gets mad he tells me to leave because when we remarried this was his house, so this is not our house this is his house and he has NO respect for me at all, and now he doesnt even say he's sorry anymore.

He needs mental help, because I cant help him anymore, he had a bad childhood but its time to grow up and take responsibilty for his own actions. After smacking him upside the head today, See more done. I dont even care if I am with him or not, I hit the bottom. He is never going to stop, but he was doing so good for awhile and here we go again.

Verbally Abusive Lovers

One thing that people dont understand about verbal abuse is that it is worse than physical abuse, because words will be with you forever, the bruses go away but the words dont. I told him that I have to distant myself from him because I am not going to give him what he wants if he continues to treat me this way here I have to think of me, and he's the one who wants a divorce because I am the one read article is driving him crazy, OK!

He is the one who is sick and please to all the other women in my shoes, its not worth crying over his mean words, it just shows how much of a jerk he is and how immature he is, and you are a good person and the lord knows this, dont let him control you, I let him control me for a long time, not no more, I'm in control of my life even living with him, if he wants to act this way I told him that he's gonna have to find someone else to fight with coz it aint gonna be me and I walk away to another room.

Good luck to women like ME.