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How to clean a stainless steel pan

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Stainless steel cookware and appliances fit any style of kitchen. The iconic and classic look is understated and sophisticated. This material is also long lasting and durable, so it makes for a particularly beneficial investment. A quality set of stainless steel pots and pans will last you a lifetime. This is not to say, however, that. This will remove most food build-up. Do not use steel wool pads or copper-based scrubbers - although they do a good job of removing burnt-on food, they will scratch the surface of your cookware. to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware. 2. Clean any burn marks from the cookware. If your pan has heat damage (for example. 20 Sep Most of the time, nothing dramatic happens, but every now and then, you end up with something like this: Learn from others' mistakes and pay attention to what you're cooking.. Fortunately, this problem is easily solvable without crazy-strong chemicals. Most of the ingredients to rescue your burned pans are.

Have you ever taken a really long phone call only to realize that you completely forgot about what you were cooking and burned a pan so badly that it seemed beyond repair?

How To Clean A Scorched Stainless Steel Pan

Well, rather than chuck it in the trash bin, or even the recycling bin, for that matter, try one of these earth-friendly tricks to get your pan shiny and like new again. Depending on how badly you burned it, one or a combination of methods, most of which use common ingredients found in your kitchen pantry, should work.

How to clean stainless steel cookware

MORE way, maybe let that call go to voicemail the next time. Your friends won't be happy, but your cookware will be! Simply simmer for a while then cool. Let it soak overnight if necessary.

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Another alternative is to leave a paste of baking soda and green dish soap in your pan for several hours. Wash your pan well and if anything remains, sprinkle some more baking soda or this DIY aromatherapy cleanser into the pan and scrub away. Cola is super acidic and really does well loosening burnt-on messes like caramel. Pour some in your pan, simmer gently, and then scrape the gunk off.

Then sit back and enjoy a cola. But be aware that if it can get caramel off, what must it do to your teeth?

How To Clean A Scorched Stainless Steel Pan

Slather your pan with a gloppy mixture of water and cream of tartar, which contains potassium hydroxide and tartaric acid.

Let it soak overnight. Wake up to a pan that will be as easy as pie to clean. At the very least, you should have dish soap and water in your house, right?

Add some water and a squirt of green dish soap to your pan and bring it to a simmer.

What to do when you burn the hell out of one of your pots

Let it go for a while. Once it's cool, if the burnt-on food isn't easily budging with an eco-friendly scrubbertry soaking it overnight.

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Who wants to really clean anyhow? Skip the margaritas and use the lime juice and salt for your pan. OK, maybe that's going too far. Perhaps just set some aside for your pan? Let the mixture sit for several minutes, sprinkle in some more salt, and scrub away. What can you do with that wine that you left accidentally uncorked after your last party? Instead of tossing it, save it for cleaning your pans. Use it in place of vinegar in the above tips and rest happy knowing it's come to some good use!

This technique is great for burnt-on stains that remain. Soak your pan in a solution of green dish soap, hot water, and oxygen bleach liquid or powder, such as Seventh Generation's Natural Oxy Stain Remover. Let it sit for a while. Then scrub like mad just kidding; it should come off easily with an oxygen bleach powder if you have it.

How To Clean A Scorched Stainless Steel Pan not, try baking soda or another eco-friendly scrub. Boil some water with a good dose of sodium chloride link loosen stuck-on gunky, crusty click. Scrape with a wooden spoon every now and then to loosen bits.

If it's still not budging, let it set for several more hours. Then pour the water out and use more salt to scrub away any remaining burnt areas. You might not have enough tomato sauce left over for that big pasta dinner you planned, but it will do the trick at removing burnt-on foods due to its acidic nature. Pour in a generous portion of tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes whether canned or fresh and simmer gently for several minutes, but don't let the water cook out of it.

Add in some more H2O if necessary. You can also leave it in the pan overnight without cooking it. Maybe enjoy a glass or two of Chianti while you wait. Vinegar contains acetic acidso it works really well at breaking down burnt-on, crusty food.

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Grab whatever you got on hand e. Keep the lid on unless whatever you burnt stunk up the whole house. Continue to 5 of 10 below. Continue to 9 of 10 below.