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5SOS Preferences

Read Pref 3: He Is Dating Your Sister And You Like Him (Pt. 1) from the story 5SOS Preferences by supernaturalmike (j u l i a) with reads. 5sosimagines.. . 18 Aug Ashton: You thought Ashton was perfect. He was a straight A student, he was super attractive, he was musically gifted in every way, and he was one of the few guys that even seemed to notice you. He talked to you more than anyone else did and you would chat between classes sometimes. Your sister, who. 12 May Harry: Here they come again. Ever since your sister got a boyfriend, who had to be Harry Styles, she acts annoying and that is putting it nicely. “Hey Y/N, I hope you don't mind but me and Harry are going to hang here,” your sister said. You rolled your eyes as you worked on your homework but nodded.

Cute, romantic, funny, feel-inducing and sometimes sad 5SOS Preferences all written by me, myself and I. I'm going to make the default sister's name Learn more here because bad at 5sos Preferences Hes Dating Your Sister up with names sorry if that's your name.

You'd been crushing on this guy for who knows how long. In fact, you've taken an online quiz that stated you may possibly be in love with this guy. So things were going fine in this state of 'it's a crush but I'm not going to do anything about it', that was, until, last Saturday night. You were studying quietly in your room in your cloud print pj's and your hair pretty much resembling a nest.

With your earphones in, you happened to be oblivious to the fact Ashton was in your house, until, he started banging at your door.

Is anyone even home? You were frozen, "uhm. As terrible as it sounded, it was your chance. Wanna still watch a movie?

Your sister and Louis had an extra ticket to a soccer game, inviting you to go along. You were frozen, "uhm. You finally understood why your sister goes out to see him every couple days.

Before you remembered what attire you were actually wearing, it was too late. You'd opened the door and he was staring with the most condescending smirk at your pyjamas. He took a seat beside you as you looked for a movie. You simply nodded, unable to come up with a comprehensible response with the way he was staring at you.

I like your shirt. You were ready for her to unleash all her anger and rage at you. Bit of a pushover

You made it easier," he told you. Let's just say Chloe got a pretty huge surprise when she returned home.

5sos Preferences Hes Dating Your Sister

You were standing alone at a party your sister forced you to attend. Thinking she'd be with you the whole time, you agreed. Little did you know that she'd abandon you to hang out with her boyfriend, Calum. It was beyond awkward. You knew barely any one there, and because she was your only ride home, you were forced to stay.

You managed to lay low in a dark and quiet corner sipping on something you hoped was legal, and tried to not make eye contact with anyone who walked past. The plan was going perfectly, until you felt someone's arm sneak around your waist. You flinched, which only made him pull you in closer against him.

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Your jaw dropped, "but," you started and he cut you off. Your sister Chloe just happened to be one of the worst human beings on earth.

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To your most tragic surprise, you realised last week that she was dating your crush of almost a year, Luke.

You wanted nothing more but to warn him, save him, protect him from her. She was the definition of evil, and you didn't want him getting hurt. You had a feeling things weren't going to end well for him, and these feeling were reaffirmed when you heard Chloe in her room.

A guy who wasn't Luke. Painful knowing that Luke, probably the nicest guy at school, was being completely used by your sister. There was a short silence before he nodded, "how could I expect anything else? Okay, don't freak out or- actually nothing," he stuttered. He showed off his dimples, "really? Your sister's got this boyfriend, and he just happens to be super cute.

5sos Preferences Hes Dating Your Sister

Which is pretty much the most frustrating thing ever. Whenever he was over you had to hide in article source room because no way could you be in the same room with him and not stare at him as if he were a Greek god.

It was Saturday, which means their weekly movie night was tonight, which also meant you were preparing to hibernate in your room. You were studying peacefully until you heard a quiet knock on your door. The door handle turned and you groaned. He shut the door silently behind him. Knowing every time I come here you're in your room. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

He smiled, "will this make you talk? He leaned back and sat down to study your reaction. When you stared at him with wide eyes and red cheeks, he couldn't help but chuckle and blush with you.

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He stood up immediately. Log in Sign Up. I'm going to make the default sister's name Chloe because bad at coming up with names sorry if that's your name Ashton: Read this story for FREE!