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How To Make Your Woman Squirt - G-Spot Orgasm Masterclass


The secrets of multiple squirting orgasms: how to make women squirt on demand within seconds. You're welcome!. 8 Feb This is the best way to induce a squirting orgasm Start by helping her to relax. It's important that she's comfortable and trusting of you. Giving her one or more “ traditional” orgasms first is the best way to help her get here. Next, you want to insert your index and middle finger into her vagina. Reach upward. 21 Nov Considering this, Men should always keep in mind that they definitely need to know tricks or if not should learn how to make a girl squirt under a few minutes during her ejaculation. Today, we have shared a detailed guide below on hookupex.date for all our readers to know the best ways to make a girl squirt.

Who has that time? Who even remembers it in bed? Well, I hate to be the one to disappoint you but honestly, you need to step up your game in bed and learn how to make any woman addicted to you by learning how to make them squirt like a water fountain.

Learning these skills will not only make you a better lover but it will make your woman think of you and only you. The emotions this one sexual experience of squirting will unleash in her is not one you should underestimate.

Like I said, if you abuse these tips, you may get the wrong kinda girls addicted to you in bed! Okay, I know that you really want that girl to never forget the experience you give her when you lash her. I know you want your dick to be the only thing she ever thinks of even weeks after you lashed her.

But there is a better way of achieving this than taking Tramadol or alcohol and lashing the girl forever while causing her intense pain and making her avoid your bedroom entirely for the rest of her life. The aim of learning how to make a girl SQUIRT is to get her to voluntarily and subconsciously come back for more of you everyday of her life! So, I applaud you for searching out this information. It boils down to how relaxed you make her feel.

Make sure to have your bath.

June 2, at 8: This, of course, applies to getting a female to ejaculate, which is a perfectly normal and healthy thing. Men all over are currently desperate to learn how to make a woman squirt.

Tell her you wanna go take your bath, make her feel at home while you enter the bathroom. Cut your nails short.

Best Way To Make Women Squirt

If you know what I mean?! Warm her up for the event… Listen bro, our problem is impatience. We are always in a hurry to get a girl read article her panties as soon as her back hits our bed.

We had to learn from our limited bedroom skills on our own… Most of us learn from friends, from bad romance movies… Or even worse, from porn…. Because we forget the porn stars get paid to do what they do. This is very essential. Use special essential oils not olive oil it is too heavy and smells funny. In the absence of essential oils, you can use a powder Talc or Menthol.

Touch and tease her erogenous zones.

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Let her lie on her back. Put a pillow below her bottom to prop her up a bit. Make sure you let her empty her bladder before the massage starts. Get her to use the bathroom.

How to Make a Girl Squirt

See more beforehand will relax her hips and make it easier for her to tell when the peeing sensation that comes with squirting starts. It will help to ask her if she has ever squirted before. Also, keep a face towel handy. Reassure her that you have everything under control like a MAN! Tell her how hot she is lying in your bed. Relax her more by sweet talking her a. It does magic to woman. Women listen to every word in each song and then imagine the words are spoken to Best Way To Make Women Squirt by you.

Use either an oil-based or water-based lube. Avoid oil-based lube when using a condom. It damages the latex. You need to apply it not only to her clitoris and her vagina but to your fingers and entire palm.

How To Make Your Woman Squirt - G-Spot Orgasm Masterclass

By the end, her already swollen Skenes gland and the stimulation of the g-spot will Best Way To Make Women Squirt her spot to be ballooning inside of her. You can do that in 12 minutes or less or you can keep messing up every chance you have with each woman. You could either use your penis as I rightly demonstrated in my book or your fingers as shown above.

Barely able to walk if you did it right and emotionally open. So, what do you do? On no account should you ever ask her for a blow job in return. At least, not yet. You may even crack a joke on how you thought she was about passing out and almost dialed the hospital emergency number.

Laugh while you make the joke and watch her playfully hit your chest and maybe turn her back on you in an attempt to act angry. Hold her tight and say sweet nothings into her ears. Because her clit will be too sensitive to touch that it may turn her off instantly. Hi, ThankGod, sorry for your troubles. It may take time but at the same time it is very possible. As for the body pains and heat, i think you should see a doctor in person.

He will run a article source of tests to find out exactly what the cause of the problem is, bro. Air your room before she arrives and a little air freshener will do.

This is going to get messy… Different types of orgasms a woman can have Men can only click one type of orgasm sucks I know but women can actually have two… Clitoral orgasm Most common among women, direct stimulation of the clitoris and happens during masturbation. I just wanted to say that your comment rocks, D! November 6, at

This will definitely send sexual thoughts across to her. We were never taught what to do! Without using a good lubricant, you are bound to fail! You should start working on her g-spot and clit. Follow my lead, bro: Use your tongue or the tip of your penis to tease the hell out of her clit.

Insert a finger or two couple of minutes later with your palm facing upwards. But, 1 finger will do. Do not go in too deep with your fingers; just about 2 inch deep.

Best Way To Make Women Squirt

This should take about minutes. Still stroke her g-spot with your fingers. Then begin to pull out slowly while your palm moves up and down her clit stimulating it. Increase the pressure and the movement a little and you can also press into her pubic bone for extra pressure which will help.

Because you just learnt how to give any woman a squirting orgasm. But the ultimate question remains… Do you want to be a man who only gives his woman one squirting orgasm? Or do you wanna become a King amongst men, a God in the bedroom? Leave a Reply or Ask a Question Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.