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However, researchers claim men are particularly attracted to a women with a back that curves exactly 45 degrees above the top of her bottom.

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The findings provide a new explanation as to why voluptuous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are considered to be so attractive, with extra mass around the buttocks enhancing the curvature of the spine. Such an angle would have given a woman an advantage while pregnant in early hunter-gatherer societies and so has evolved as being seen as attractive around the world, they claim.

Jennier Lopez has an attractive curve as scientists discover that extra mass around the buttocks can often enhance the curvature of a woman's spine. J-Lo, pictured above, may have the ideal spine curvature that evolved to be attractive in early hunter-gatherer societies because it gave women an advantage to forage for food while bearing children.

Kim Kardashian, shown above, has become famous for her curvy figure and buttocks, but her appeal to men may be tapping into something rooted in our evolutionary past when they gave an evolutionary advantage. The scientists found that extra mass around the buttocks could often enhance the curvature of a woman's spine. Http://hookupex.date/daj/best-mobile-dating-apps-2018-gmc-1500.php, the researchers also found that a physical curvature of the spine - known as vertebral wedging - was seen as more attractive than extra buttock mass.

Curvy hips and buttocks may provide vital 'fat banks' that help to fuel the development of newborn babies' brains, claim scientists. Researchers say the fat stored around the buttocks provides extra energy for babies when they are breast feeding. The scientists at Pittsburgh University say the fat there is rich in DHA docosahexaenoic acidwhich is a particularly important component in the human brain.

Over the past five million years, the average human brain has trebled in volume from ml to 1,ml. The researchers argue that mothers who breast-feed typically lose one pound of fat half a kilo a month.

Curve Game Meme Dating Beneath You

If your legs are strong and straight, this indicates good health and genes. They all positively glowed with health. The success of our species is largely based on intelligence, so all of us want to share our genes with someone bright.

Dr Lewis said that this trait would have become sexually attractive to men due to the evolutionary advantage it gave. Without such a curve, the pressure on a woman's hips during pregnancy increases by nearly per cent, rendering her largely immobile and increasing the risk of health problems. An example of the silhouettes shown to men during the study with different curvature of the spine.

Curve Game Meme Dating Beneath You

A curved angle of around 45 degrees was rated the most attractive and is also an optimum angle during pregnancy. A degree angle was optimal because it would have aided movement, yet would not have been so great so as to expose women to the back pain and risk of slipped discs that can come with excessive spinal curvature. These silhouettes all exhibit identical buttock protrusion but it is due to different reasons such as excess muscle afat b and vertebral wedging c.

The participants found the vertebral wedging was most attractive.

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They were then asked to rate the images according to how attractive they found the silhouette. Most of the men were significantly more attracted to those with a spine curve of Analysis of the results also found that the preference for this level of spine curve was 'unequivocally not a by-product of a preference for buttock mass', they added.

Men who think they like big bottoms may actually be more into spines, Dr Lewis said. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Curve Game Meme Dating Beneath You

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The best all in one wireless speaker you'll ever hear: Peloton's hi-tech bike lets you Curve Game Meme Dating Beneath You live and on demand rides to your home - and it's one of the best examples of fitness technology out there - at a price. Next story Florida high school shooter is booked into jail on 17 counts of murder as it's revealed 'disturbed' student's mental state deteriorated after his adoptive mother died from the flu last year 2.

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