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Dr. Helen Fisher: "Anatomy of Love"

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1 May Helen Fisher is a leading expert on the science of love and relationships. She created the compatibility questionnaire on hookupex.date Fisher teamed up with David Labno to create the NeuroColor Temperament Inventory, a personality test designed for the workplace. I took the test and learned more about. 2 Aug If you want to do the full, serious test, you can do it on hookupex.date for free, though you have to give some personal information. Give the note a name, like Dr Helen Fisher's Why Him/Why Her Personality Test for Love, or maybe Who I Am and Who I Love, if you want to be a little more intriguing. Hi and Welcome to this special quiz. It's part of our “Know Thyself” goal and motto . Helen Fisher's Personality Quiz has now been taken by over 14 million people in 40 countries. Helen created it to test the degree to which you express four broad styles of thinking and behaving, each associated with one of four basic brain.

Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type, into a text read article you can use in any place where you can edit text, whether a word processor or Facebook Note.

Dr Fisher has tested outcomes against existing couples to verify the theory. I would bet the outcomes couples get would make for an interesting discussion. This test is also the core test used on the very successful match-making site, Chemistry. If you want to do the full, serious test, you can do it on Chemistry.

To use this test in Facebook Notes, select and copy everything below the dotted line. Create a New Facebook note and paste into that note. Or make up your own name. Then follow the instructions in Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free you pasted. Tag friends you want to try this note.

For some friends, it would be fun to know their results. For others, you might find you were made for each other! Text and instructions Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free Why Him Why Her test. For more introspective Facebook notes like this, though far less intenseplease see https: If you were tagged, you should do the note and tag me in return.

You can get the original note at https: It is very scientific and has been used on the match-making site Chemistry. Read each statement and choose the number that best describes your agreement by the following scale.

Put your choice for each statement in front of the statement. Try to answer as honestly as you can for who you are, not who you want to be. Total of your answers for Scale 1 and put it at right: This is how much you have of the Explorer personality type. They are attracted to other Explorers. Total of your answers for Scale 2 and put it at right: This is how much you have of the Builder personality type.

They are attracted to other Builders.

Total of your answers for Scale 3 and put it at right: This is how much you have of the Director personality type. They are attracted to Negotiators. Total of your answers for Scale 4 and put it at right: This is how much you have of the Negotiator personality type.

They are attracted to Directors. Replace those quoted words in the first of two numbered sentences below keep caps. Replace those quoted words in the second of two numbered sentences below keep caps.

You can paste sections that apply to you into your note, if you like, but please leave this instruction for others to do the same. I am much more analytic than most people — in fact, I think it delimits my relationship compatibility. Oh well I like computers more than Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free anyway…. And exploring after your children are grown is definitely a great thing! I guess I have a bit of a problem here. I read the page for interpreting my results, but when I read it, I saw myself relatively equally in all four categories.

Perhaps it should be noted that I have noticed that my personality is full of paradoxes. Since all four are relatively equal, how then would I be classified? And what does this classification mean for me? As in what type of people should I seek out? Thanks for the comment and excellent question!

It says you have a bit of each more info features. You may not have set of traits that stands out because they are all quiet. In my case, my scores were basically for the top 3 all but Builder.

That means I exhibit various sets of traits in dominant ways so that someone may recognize them, but they have lots of examples where I exhibit something else quite strongly. The other is a loud mouth that says all kinds of things so nobody knows which is the true him.

Now, not having a dominant set of traits, it probably means you and I are not going to be as STRONGLY appealing to as many people, compared to others with dominant traits. This is on personality matches only, nothing with your looks, life status, etc. You and I might not be that. On the contrary, you and I would be more appealing to more types. You would be appealing to Builders, Directors and Negotiators.

Let me know what your results are when source take it and if you agree with them! I have a vivid imagination. A Bond can only be formed between partners who are in approximately the same position on the scale of social success. But other factors in life can increase or decrease any degree of compatibility between any pair.

Those with stronger dominance on two traits would only appeal to two types to any extent. The Directors may butt heads far more than your Negotiator would like, but your Negotiator may find the strong Director appealing. People would be a lot harder to figure out if most of us ran around with triple dominant personality sets rather than two each!

Other things will compensate, of course, like looks, status, abilities, etc. We have to sort through that noise like anybody else.

Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free

But going for someone with a double dominance and double deficiency will be settling, and that might be the proverbial grain of sand in an oyster that is a nuisance that has to be covered up for the rest of life. It might turn out nice, but remember the pearl is nice to humans, not oysters! Many of the questions cannot be clearly answered.

A Bond can only be formed between partners who are in approximately the same position on the scale of social success. The neurochemical process starts, then stops uncompleted, as a result of sexual selection. You just have to get it. Questions may not be clearly answered because there is no clear answers. Humans are grey in a lot of areas. Sexual selection is about as flawed a test as one can get, and the social success scale is meaningless in the human world.

And that definition of a bond is ridiculous! Sorry for my less than speedy response. Because I have Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free things that I look for in someone, there are more people that I will develop interest in, but for the same reason, true perfection is much harder to find.

I think I should say, I took the quiz again and got very different results. So, you addressed people with three dominant traits. Would people with no traits being dominant or all of them being dominant as another way to think of it be basically the same way, just more extreme, as in more confusing, less polarizing, potential with even more people, and perfection with even fewer?

I think it should be noted that, yes while I do like for people to be rather balanced, when I think about it, I am more interested in women who are Explorer Director see more than anything.

Helen Fisher's Personality Test

This is in theory though. My current lifestyle has severely limited any romantic opportunities.

Dr Helen Fisher Personality Test Free

That will change relatively soon though. I think it would be a lot less stressful that way. Thanks another nice response, JPendragon. First, on you being confusing. The first is like someone not giving you signs, with the second like someone giving you conflicting signs.

I took the test, and I got the primary love type of Negotiator with a secondary love type of Builder. Hi and Welcome to this special quiz. I named these people Directors.

Myers-Briggs allows for that since it has a classification for emotional decision-makers, as well as those evenly split on certain traits so as to be one in certain situation, and the other in other situations… or one on certain days, and the other on another day. I think if the scores vary the end results, then a more honest effort might be required to pin down each question with more satisfaction of certainty.

As for having no dominant traits? After all, the theory works on big numbers on the dominant types to identify the categories, not the masses in the vague types. Then answer which types have your best relationships been with? I know too many factors outside of personality can skew your answer pending how source relationships ended, when they took place, life conditions with the woman, etc.

Have you tried emailing Dr Helen Fisher? I guess I am a director strongly and a negotiator next.

Dr. Helen Fisher: 4 Personality Types in Men

As I am listening to the good Dr. Check out my detailed results page for more info. This is very interesting. I took a personality test a while back Myers Briggs? The two letters were very close. I was low on C and S. Thanks for the help. If you check https:

Helen Fisher’s Personality Test