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(We have a huge collection of toy cars, we have a classic car and go to a lot of car shows, I need to do this for Xmas) . Reindeer Prance by Northcott Fabric, Fabric Panel, Christmas Fabric, Online Quilting fabric Australia . As it becomes a habit for us if at Christmas time, we will decorate our house with Christmas tree. Landscape PhotosFree ImagesFabric PanelsStonehengeMonumentsCraft Birthday DiyCard BirthdayBirthday Gifts. The prehistoric monument attracts millions of tourists every year and holds many secrets. One of the lesser known is that the standing stones we see today, in fact date back less than 50 years, as a result of. I realize that this is long overdue, but I wanted to send a quick thank you. I was a free fabric Friday winner back in the fall, and it was such a wonderful treat! It took me some time to choose, but I finally decided on a yard from the Polka Dots and Paisley line. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I knew I had to have it.

Very little is known about these rocks. Located on private land, permission is required to access them. This story starts out long ago. The Native Americans who lived in the area back in the day would not set up camp anywhere near them.

Teepee rings can be found all over the land, but not by the rocks. Some people believe these are one of a few magical vortex power spots on the earth, others located across the globe like Stonehenge. I first learned about them in Boyscouts. Wilderness Rendezvous, a survival camp in the West Block of Cypress Hills was how I spent 9 days of my summer each year. We could not believe what we were seeing.

Something did not feel right. We never went back there ever again. For the last 3 years I have been on a bit Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel a quest to find them again.

I contacted an old friend who worked for Sask Environment in that area, and he gave me the phone number of the land owner. I went the next day. I found his house. Skulls of all kinds of animals decorated the yard. My kind of guy! I opened the closed Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel that his old dog easily walked through to meet me and knocked on the door.

No one was home. On my way out I met a neighbor, whose family had lived there since He knew where the mystery rocks were located, but he did not feel right sending me to them. He told me of a short cut to get to another area I remembered via public roads. First Say To Someone A Dating Site drove for 20 minutes when I had a feeling come over me.

I stopped the truck and scanned the hills. I started to take some pictures of the rocks and the full battery in the drone drained almost to zero. I assumed this was a mistake, but the drone started to fly back to me, as it should if it http://hookupex.date/daxo/what-to-do-when-your-going-through-a-break-up.php actually getting low on power.

I landed it, the battery was in fact drained. Hi, Thanks Ryan for taking such beautiful pictures of the rocks. Now I really want to go! Last year I went to Ireland and took a tour to the Cliffs of Moher and before we got there we stopped for a break at an area with similar rocks.

Looked like a perfectly cut cake. These rocks were located by the ocean. That sounds really interesting. There is another spot north of me that I want to take the drone to.

I have never heard about this.

Gary Horsnall on September 22, at Rachel on September 27, at 8: You may win a prize or two!

Thank u for taking the time to share. I am intrigued now!! Through a little research you will find native stories of giants they ruled the area. Possibly even a burial site for one or more of these said giants. More research is needed. Permission to dig would be epic…. My people come from this great continent that we have always called HOME…thanks to people who take even a moment to recognize what this land has to offer in one way or another in a holistic and healing manner….

There is a medicine wheel if that is the proper name a short distance from here, It was barely visible 40 years ago. I never knew we had such an phenomenon. Thanks Ryan for sharing. I believe they are man made. Extremely fascinating and possibly worth a trip.

Acquisitions Incorporated - PAX West 2016 D&D Game

Went to these rocks at least once every summer while I growing up. Grew up in that area and should go and see again. I thought they were just ordinary rocks, not shaped like that.

The concentrated area of rocks which fell in perfect formation, is an outside wall that fell inward, onto the flat, living space of the dwelling. The apposing wall fell outward, down the hill.

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The rocks spread easily with the momentum from the fall. There are many early rock build structures scattered through the country. Immigrants from Europe commonly build dwellings with rocks. These contractors were skilled at fracturing rocks to fit perfectly in place.

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Fracturing rock by hand is a lost art but much is here about it. The fact that the permanent structure is located on a hill, with good degree viewing says it is most likely a homesteader.

Especially since it is a single structure and not part of a village which should give you a reliable date.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I was wondering the same thing. It reminded me of the petrified forest where the former trees appear to be logs. Travis on September 27, at 2: Julie Feilberg on September 23, at

It should be easy to find the original land owner. The structure is not consistent with trapping or the fur trade industry, they were always on the move. Nor is it consistent with Learn more here Nations since they were migrants and followed their food sources.

They typically erected transportable structures. They set them up on the top of the hills in the summer, to get away from the bugs and moved them to the bottom of a draw, to stay out of the cold winds in the winter. It obviously never fell down a hill, as it is on the crest…as well look at the size of the trees in comparison to the Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel.

Just my opinion, but you are way off. Homesteaders generally built on hills slightly away from water sources on the chance that said water source would flood and destroy their house and supplies.

Hills were ideal places for homesteaders because they had a good view of the surrounding countryside and any friends or foes arriving and safe from floods and wildlife that often went down to the river.

As well as the aforementioned flooding. Someone attacking uphill is going to tire out faster than someone attacking downhill. Any half-decent homesteader who understood homesteading would absolutely build on a hill.

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel

It is by far the BEST place to build for multiple reasons. On a personal note, my great? Walking down the hill every morning to collect water was and still is, in some places just a completely normal morning activity for mothers and children around the world. I live in SC and never knew anything about these at all!

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel

Thanks so much for sharing these pics Ryan — all new to me and very interesting as are all the comments. Thank you Ryan for sharing your photos. Especially that SK is my home province. Do you know the author Sharon Buttala? I think I have spelled her name right. She has written about some of that south SK natural ranch lands.

This all ties in together. As I stated earlier, look at the size of the rocks in relation to the trees…and as Ryan tried to see more, the rocks are much too large. It would also be surprising to you to see how few ranch houses in this area are built on top of hills.

I thought something similar: It reminded me of the petrified forest where the former trees appear to be logs. Hearing the reasoning behind that theory makes perfect sense.

Maybe the names on the rocks are family members that lived in the house? This was no homesteaders house. If you are going to follow that line of thinking it would be more apt to suggest a fallen castle. No, you would have to suggest a fallen wall of an Egyption or Mayan temple if you want to account for stones the size of automobiles. A homesteader who has to get his home completed before winter would definitely have frozen to death if he was silly enough to construct something of this scale.

At Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel rate, most of the ranchers in this area are families that have been there in place since the time of white settlement. If any of their ancestors had built a stone house that fell down, they would undoubtedly know about it. That goes quintuple if great-grandad had built a temple to Osiris. Visited this spot may many times. But moreover, I choose to believe that the North American Native populations other than anihilting bad spelling one another, really did believe that they only lived and stayed in a Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Fabric Panel but it was theirs for whatever time they inhabited it — certainly there were territorial wars, but what was agreed was law.

Not to mention that many homesteader houses in that area are wood construction. As the pictures show there are many trees available to build houses with.