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Black Woman AKA "Ladies" Learn To Be A Mean Girl 😈

3. Being told, “you are so pretty for a black girl.”

9 Jan Because for those who have said this to black women, it is important to understand that this is absolutely offensive. Yes, I'm sure you think that you didn't mean to be rude but say that to yourself again and then THINK. What do you mean when you say "for a black girl?" Does that mean that black women. 3 Nov There is massive exploitation and they don't have as many privileges as white women.' A friend schooling in Atlanta was called an 'Oreo' by her white classmates because she didn't act black. What does that mean? Because she doesn't dress indecently, is not aggressive and is quiet suddenly she. 18 Jul Because Black womanhood to them simply does not exist. The funny thing is, nothing I am saying is brand new. African American women have been saying the same things long before Mother Sojourner Truth famously asked “Ar'nt I a woman?” This is just my experience. So what does mean to be a Black.

After all, everyone in my family is black. Everyone in my country is black.

What does it mean to be a Black Woman?

One of things I love about America is the diversity. The fact that there are so many kinds of people living with each other. Like a blend of different cultures.

What Does It Mean To Be A Black Woman? A Poem.

It gives me this wonderful, warm feeling. But then I suddenly remember that there is a hierarchy and at the very bottom of the list is not black people, but black women. As black women, we are not only faced with the problems of racism but also sexism. For some strange reason, the whole world wants to paint us in ugly colours. On TV, they make us angry women, aggressive women, weak women.

In music videos, our female stars feel the need to show as much skin as possible. It has become something normal and we expect it of them. I always wonder why the women who choose to play these roles are fine with it just click for source I ask myself if they know it impacts all of us.

If they realise that while they get money, we get insults flung at us from all directions. In school, the blacks are not expected to be smart. The law of the universe states that black people should always be second-best and we should take nonsense from people quietly. We should sit in the back of the class and do nothing but forget to turn in homework and be exceptionally rude to teachers.

Black girls are the ones that wear booty shorts and crop tops that smack gum and gossip in the corners. We are the ones who are difficult and have too much attitude.

I am here to point out the issues when it comes to being a black woman and why these stereotypes about us need to stop. It's important for others to click have that negative mindset about black women, or for ANY race for that matter. That isn't to say every person of color is automatically deducted 10 points or morebut they certainly aren't earning any. Connect with a generation of new voices.

To be pretty you must have long hair, fair skin and a slim body-the European version of beauty. Probably not; because we have been portrayed as so many horrible things that it would become something of a scandal for the president of the United States of America to be cue, horrified gasp a black woman!

What Does It Mean to Be Black?

On social media, I see that black women are being portrayed as sex toys and prostitutes. We are always second-choice and we are not very appreciated.

What does that mean? Am I the only one that sees the problem with this? There is no obvious racism but it is still very much alive and if black people dare to speak against it, we are accused of being racists as ironic as that sounds. However, contrary to what the tabloids say, this is not what it means to be a black woman. It does not mean that we are only sexual beings or aggressive women.

It means that we are strong and confident and we always stand up for what we believe in. Despite discrimination against us, we make our voices heard. Which other First Lady in the world is active as Michelle Obama? She is a woman of great character. Being black women gives us power. Being black women makes us Mistresses of Melanin.

Queens more radiant than a thousand suns. We have the ability to smile even when things are looking bad and we dare to hope. Our skin comes in different shades the way our personalities do. We are smart, gorgeous, different. Our natural hair is shaped in such a way that it forms a halo around learn more here faces and I take that as a sign.

What Does It Mean To Be A Black Woman

Some of us might be loud, chatty, tall, skinny, short whatever but we do here something in common. Do not consider your melanin a curse but consider it one of the greatest gifts God has given you. Just because the paintings of angels are white does not mean we are demonic creatures because we are black. Being a black woman means that we feel more than anyone else.

Yes, minorities have been set back, specifically black people, when it comes to economics, but financial status in life is more determined by education than race. Searching For More by Morgan S. It's important for others to see the struggles If I'm going to get something it's because I will have earned it.

We love more, we cry more, we laugh more. Just like our manes of untameable hair, we cannot be controlled by anyone. Something of a slap in the face for those who created it? A backfire to white slave traders?

We are a race that cannot be ignored.

We made history during the Olympic games when Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave the famous black power salute. Oprah Winfrey is one of the greatest TV personalities that have ever lived. Fela Kuti created his own genre of music, Afrobeat. Barack Obama became the first black president of America in Ze3ndaya Coleman became a Barbie doll, complete with dreadlocks.

So you see, being a black person is nothing short of wonderful.

What Does It Mean To Be A Black Woman

We change the world with our actions. I am special in a way that no one else is. I am a black woman. You may also like: Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.