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Security Guard Interview | Learn the Truth About Your Duties

22 Mar Why do you want this it security officer job? Again, companies want to hire people who are passionate about the job, so you should have a great answer about why you want the position. (And if you don't? You probably should apply elsewhere.) First, identify a couple of key factors that make the role a great. I have traveled alot and it is of great interest to me to learn and assist in the area of security. 5. I have traveled alot and it is of great interest to me to learn and assist in the area of security. 6. I love the fact that theres a job that gives you the chance to help out and keep people safe wherever they intend on going to. Interview questions. A free inside look at Unarmed Security Guard interview questions and process details for 22 companies - all posted anonymously by interview candidates. Unarmed Security Guard at Securitas Security Services USA was asked Apr 24, Why do you want to become a security guard? 1 Answer.

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So you want to be a security guard?

We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a security guard officer. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.

Most of the time, such incidents are inevitable and unpreventable. Any advice for people interested in becoming a security guard? Potential for advancement Once hired, there are steps you can take to immediately raise your value as an employee and earn higher wages. Why would you want to be a security guard? So if you like to be personally accountable for the work that you do then a security guard position would be perfect for you.

Here are 5 quick tips that you can use to help you get hired as a security guard:. Employers are looking for people who have excellent customer service skills, because a big part of being a security guard is dealing and helping people in your area.

Why Do You Want To Become A Security Officer

Many people will come up to you to ask you questions, or approach you with a problem that needs to be solved. On your application, be sure to note any customer service experiences that you've had. Where have you talked to people while on the job, and how do you think that will help you become a better security guard? During your interview, be sure to be friendly and show that your customer service skills aren't just written on paper, but in your personality as well as you talk and converse with your interviewer.

Many States require a certain number of hours of security guard training before you can even apply for a position.

Of course, you'd better keep that driving record clean since your employer's insurance rates go up with every point you accumulate. On your application, be sure to note any customer service experiences that you've had. Often a patrol assignment requires a lot of walking, and there may come a time when you must chase someone down or run to get help.

Other States require that a certain amount of paperwork be finished too, such as fingerprint scans and other certifications. Make sure you are up to date with your State's laws for becoming a security guard.

On your application, you will be required to fill out information for other people who may be able to reveal your work ethic and how you are on the job.

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Your future employer will most likely contact one or two of the people you referenced, so be sure that they are informed that they may receive a call. The best people to reference are people you have worked with, or even former bosses.

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Of course, you'll want to list the people who like you and would be willing to put in a good word about who you are and the kind of work you do.

There's nothing you can do better than to let your interview know that you know exactly what the particular security guard job entails. If you understand what the job description and requirements areyou'll be able to easily answer questions in a way that they want to hear. Like with any job you're trying to get hired for, being confident is the best thing you can do.

It shows during your interview and you'll be able to leave a long lasting first impression that will get you to stand out from the rest and get hired. I do like to thank you for your excellent advices,tips and security guard courses on your web.

Why Do You Want To Become A Security Officer

God bless you,as you lecture us. Thank you for your advice am impressed. Am currently working as a security guard in valentine growers and you really helps me with your security tips. Security Guard Training HQ. Langaton January 17th, at 8: Daima mkenya mzalendoon August 20th, at 3: Learn exactly what security guard employers want to hear from you! Please make sure that you have filled in the fields correctly!

What are your career goals? Continue working as a guard An undergraduate or associated degree in security Start a security guard company Not sure.

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