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Did Albert Einstein Say This "Insane" Quote?

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At The Mine Shaft I saw someone taking it from a guy with his arm up to his shoulder. Didn't know until the fister pulled out that he was an amputee below the elbow. a slang term for an "Acrotomophile". This is a paraphillia, or sexual fetish, in which sexuerotic arousal and facilitation, OR attainment of orgasm, is dependant upon their partner being an amputee. amplify amplitude amply amputate amputee amra amulet amuse amy amygdaloid an ana anachronism anachronistic anaconda anaerobic anaglyph anagram .. deferred deferring defiant deficient deficit define definite definition definitive deflate deflater deflect deflector defocus deforest deforestation deform deformation.

I once fisted a guy and the look and sighs of pleasure coming from him were intense. At The Mine Shaft I saw someone taking it from a guy with his arm up to his shoulder.

Didn't know until the fister pulled out that he was an amputee below the elbow.

Two cases of self demand amputation as a sexual preference. Jack Morin, author of Anal Pleasure and Health, claims that it is perfectly safe, but this seems counter-intuitive to me. Who here it meant to protect, and against what exactly? It is a counterpart to apotemnophiliathe sexual interest in being an amputee.

Fisting got it's start from Depends employees who came up with the idea on Usenet. They were looking for a way to increase sales, and it's apparently worked quite well for them. Even then, I had no idea what the dude was doing in the fisting scene.

Now, I just don't get the pleasure in it, and don't want to know. I hope see more is trick photography because for a few minutes of some sort of sick pleasure, it looks like it is very dangerous and life-threatening.

Typical devotees experienced negative reinforcement during toilet training and diets heavy in bran. If it doesn't appeal, don't do it. Why are you obsessed with others sexual practices? And you have to be mentally ill to be prepared to damage your colon and your ability to eliminate waste. Have wild sex, but don't put yourself in danger or intentionally damage your health and well-being. I've heard that if the fister isn't wearing a glove, it's very dangerous - that his fingernails can puncture the colon.

There are simply some things that gay men do that nauseate even me, a long term homosexualist. Fisting, analingus, water sports and scat are the main acts that cause me wretch when even thinking about them. I fisted a guy once. He was this gorgeous German bottom I was hooking up with. One day, I had been fucking him for almost an hour and was getting tired.

He asked me to fist him, and he was so hot and had me so turned on, I said yeah. He put a condom on my hand and I started slowly fisting him. I had link idea what I was doing but he was directing me and was getting off.

It actually ended up turning me on, and my dick was had started going limp, got hard again. By the end, he came three times, and went I pulled out, it was clean.

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Can't say I'd do it again but I did enjoy it with that gorgeous German. I think guys who like to be fisted must be masochists.

I can't believe that having a fist shoved up your ass would feel "good. It's insane, but it happens.

Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity

I've been coming here for ten years, and I have yet to hear an actual fistee describe what they like about it, and if it causes bowel problems. I'm not judging, I just want to know! This is what fisting will cause. Now doesn't this want to make you go out right now and get someone to ram his arm up your patootie? I guess none of you are old enough to have been to The Anvil on 14th St.

It was common for ff bottoms to get fisted right on the bar, with the whole crowd watching. A lot of them took one arm after another all night.

Two members of the group The Village People the Indian, for sure, and I think it was the construction worker got fisted there source. The Indian could take an arm to the elbow without wincing. Public fisting wasn't unusual back then. As R2 mentioned, it was common to see fisting at The Mine Shaft; it was often seen in the orgy rooms at The Continental, Everard and Beacon baths also.

Mark's Baths, a muscular, click the following article armed masseur was popular with ff bottoms. He'd do them right in the pool area. The prolapsed ass picture he's linked to clearly states that the prolapse was caused by trichuris trichuria, the common whipworm.

Not sure why, but it seems so gross to me. I say this as a gay man who has seen it all who has no judgment about anyone. But I understand the thrill conceptually in spite of all that.

Anyone might fall victim to that fate, fister and non-fister alike. I don't get it, it's looks excrutiating for the fistee, and just plain Ugh, for the fister. I really think the guy taking an arm up his ass is a masochist, and gets off on that pain. If someone is willing to gamble losing the ability to control of their bowel movements, more power to them, I would never try that shit. To be honest, R41, I never understood the point click the fister either; but all the fistees I've seen seem to love it.

If they're experiencing pain, they sure cover it well, but I know a lot of them alternate inhaling poppers and ethyl chloride. I imagine that combination reduces the potential pain substantially. Everything I've read and heard from fistees indicates that permanent stretching and loss of bowel control are myths. And I guess most fistees are expert douchers; I've rarely seen Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity sign of shit on them or the fisters' arms afterward.

But I also find it quite surprising, given how difficult - and, on the other hand, here exciting - getting penetrated by just a finger, Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity cock, a dildo can be, how it depends on all sorts of things - level of arousal, lubrication, hornyness, etc. Fisting can be a great way for a father and son to feel close. My dad was an excellent fisterman and often took me and my brothers fisting when we were growing up.

Out on a boat, in a stream in the woods, at the local park: Although gloves, which allow for more digital stimulation, are usually preferred by fistees, Magnum XL will stretch over a read article large fist, R It just stands to reason that persistent fisting would cause serious damage; infection, tearing, bleeding.

Does anyone think that having a fist or a whole arm shoved up your ass would NOT have awful consequences? At least a dilated ass pic is more realistic than the prolapsed ass pic you initially posted.

Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity

Dilated asses eventually shrink back to their normal size with no medical intervention. Get ready for someone to object that nothing can ever go wrong with your ass or rectum or bowels no matter how extreme or how frequent the ass play. Guys used to meet through the FFA. I owe my success to fisting. While I was young it was the focus of my sex adventures.

Now that I'm old I work for Conagra and they pay for my services rather than Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity a bi-plane. All I can say is, if it hurts you're doing it wrong. Never do anything with your body that hurts. I know gay sky divers especially like the idea of having an extra chute you can't forget and still enjoy packing. I've fisted this one guy a few times and it's clear he loves it.

I can tell based on his expression, and how hard he cums. Oh, and he tells me he loves it so why wouldn't I believe him? I also know a couple of guys who click seriously into being fisting bottoms and they have this web page issues what so ever with their bowel movements, etc. Not to say it doesn't have it's dangers, but as far as I can tell if you are safe and sane about it you won't hurt yourself.

Until I got into fisting I never owned a pair of opera gloves.

Clydespeaks2u Are You Insane?

That's how please click for source my life had been. Isn't taking the full length arm Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity a grown man up your ass the equivolant of being pounded by a horse? Whoever does shit like that is going to feel it at some point or the other. There is no way anyone can convince me there is no risk in doing an act like that.

Somebody's lower intestine is going to be extracted one of these days. I've just watched the video that r54 links to and I have to say, that guy does not look like he's having fun at all. He says "no" repeatedly and he actually cries for christ's sake. It's the guys watching who are getting off, not the poor bastard being used as a glove puppet.

I say this as a gay man who has seen Amputee Hookup Devotee Definition Of Insanity all who has no judgment about anyone. But fisting is the depth of human depravity. I enjoyed "depravity" for many years. I didn't see fisting as depravity, just the ultimate in excitement and pleasure sensations. I experienced no harm or deformity to my body. It was a sensational head trip more so than the physical trip most seem to believe must be the case.

What looked bizarre to some onlookers. Fisting was the greatest and most intense pleasure of my young life. I gave up link completely when my friends passed away from HIV in the early 80's.

There is little for me to share that anyone who has never experienced being fisted could possibly understand. As with all forms of sex, fisting can be anything desired for those engaged. If you find it offensive, don't do it.


If it hurts, one should stop. Fisting is not about pain in my experience, it was a sharing of the greatest sexual pleasures I ever shared with another man. I made the term "footsing" up, but I recently saw it in a pron flick: It's one of those practices, along with genital piecing, where I question the mental health of those who engage in it.

Fistee here-not very often, maybe 4 or 5 times a year.