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Too Heroes And Generals Long Matchmaking

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25 Feb Your long queues are a combination of the fairly new matchmaking rules (you are now matched with players with a similar number of games as you, in addition to all of the previous rules) and your MMR. The thing is that he posted in Feb early this year, it has been 6 months, still the same long queues. As in most online multiplayer games, the matchmaking queues are necessary for the game to find enemies for you to fight and teammates to fight by your side. such as the number of players in your faction, your time zone, and of course the War Economy in general (i.e. how much resources are available for your faction). I've dealt with long loading times for matches, probably because of one player's connection issues or something, but if I remember correctly, the matchmaking system gives you the first match it can find, regardless of comp/MMR, after 6 minutes of waiting in queue. So how could you have waited 10 minutes.

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Heroes And Generals Matchmaking Too Long

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Waited like 10 mins to find a quick match, then it took 4 mins to load. Not joking, it literally took 4 mins to load.

Loading forever? : HeroesandGenerals

Server problem or what? If finding the match takes long, that's server-side.

Why do I need to queue for matchmaking? So how could you have waited 10 minutes for a match? When you're first starting out, only the 'Encounter' game mode is available. The abathur here are really long and that makes sense, because everyone wants their abathur golds. How do I destroy a tank?

If someone has a relic pc or extremely bad connection,ti's going to take a LOT to load only to have that respective user crash his game or disconnect. Remember that all 10 players need to be ready. If only one of them has slow download, then all has to wait.

Why this game takes so long to find a match? :: Heroes & Generals General Gameplay Talk

I see, but what about the 10 mins queues? I'm in queue again, 5 min and counting.

As a beginner, you primary income most likely will be from your rank salary. Feb 25, 2. What should I do? If you are assaulting, you can only spawn in an APC if you are on the same attacking line. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Are you in a party? It tends to stay a bit more if you're in a party because it tries to match same lineup,but will let it go if there is nobody taking it after a time.

Heroes And Generals Matchmaking Too Long

If you're soloing,try to switch region settings if it's available to you. I'm finding the same, i've played Hearthstone since beta and have never had to wait more than 1 min for a game, this game already i have to wait 5 mins at times, europe btw, maybe it's just not that popular?

Usually in the afternoon 2PM-6PM nobody plays Everybody plays in the morning and a lot in the night. So how could you have waited 10 minutes for a match? My queue is around 10secs maybe less.

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