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SHOCKING Celebrity Hookups in 2017(DHR)

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22 Jan Ceasar and Austin's relationship isn't just evidence of the power of social media to allow fans to directly connect with their idols. It's also raised the hopes fangirl hordes across the world. Thanks to Austin and Ceasar, hooking up with your favorite celebrity doesn't seem like such a far-off possibility — but the. 18 Nov Here are some of the best responses revealed on this Reddit thread that asked people to dish their own groupie experiences. While we can't confirm the authenticity of any of these stories, they're still entertaining to read. 12 Mar Ever wanted to hook up with a celebrity? Soon that dream could become a reality . Dating app Tinder is going to start a verification program for celebrities that's similar to Twitter's verification checkmarks, the company's CEO Sean Rad tells The Hollywood Reporter. All us “normals” have to sign in to Tinder.

Ooo, you know this is going to be good! Because we all love a good hookup scandal, but when you add the word celebrity to it the click and the game just got raised up — way up! Kardashian aside, most celebrities do everything they can to keep their private life private. But the introduction of social media, camera phones and the Whisper Confession app changed all that. We have a feeling that Kylie won't be too happy about this.

Oh, wait, we forgot they're not even together anymore and besides she's busy dealing with her own major pregnancy scandal that doesn't include Tyga as the father.

Source is her baby daddy, after all. With that info, here are our top guesses about who it is. Demi Levato, Fergie she and her husband did just split or Lady Gaga. Whoever it is, this Whisperer is keeping their identity tightly sealed. At least they don't kiss and tell.

But since this person has already confessed to sleeping with Mr.

Celebrity Hook Ups!

Depp, we want all the scandalous details. Because we would totally be one of those people who would immediately regret it—probably within seconds of it happening.

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Because in the end, who really cares if the person is famous or not? Apparently, fame is the going rate for fast causal sex. We feel so bad for this person.


Like how much would it suck to be dating or in love with a celebrity and not be able to scream it out to the world? But then to feel like the person you are dating is ashamed of you on top of all that? We do hope that whoever this Whisper confessor is has found some kind of peace if nothing else.

Tell us how you really feel, confessor! Because this has got to be the biggest shade and celebrity smackdown in the history of the Whisper app. Private difficulties, not so private now, huh? And then Robin spent an entire album trying to win Paula back because he was too stupid to realize what a good thing he had. Hopefully, this confessor has found a happy place too!

And that was OK, it reminded us that slebs were essentially a different socio-economic group to the rest of us. Try to find common interests. I'm walking down to the lobby to meet him and my legs are shaky from nervousness and three hours of surreptitious Kegels on the flight. Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," source romance to friendships to family to co-workers.

Not to mention is a tad bit crazy and way overboard. Although, we can totally see a Kardashian pulling this crap on someone they wanted to sleep with. And you know what?

Maybe it was Rob. Like seriously, how much is the girl beating herself up now? We can only imagine how much she must be kicking herself knowing that she had him down on one knee and she decided to say no.

How To Deal With Hookup A Celebrity

Boy, if you ever wanted to turn back time for a do-over, this would definitely be hers. Yeah, we always thought it would be cool to have a song written about us. However, this person is taking it a little further than we would ever go.

They were comparing notes on the "Weird Sex" section of the Urban Dictionary. It's just another part he plays. Get the story to fuel your conversation today.

Well, they have now. Not just on the relationship front just click for source also his career and knowing who he is.

Which makes us need even more clarity because we want to know if this person hooked up with him before, after or during his relationship with Selena? But, then again, does it really matter? The couple is so on and off again that despite whatever happens—even cheating—they're bound to forgive each other and end up back together. Still not cool on any level to us. Reggie Bush was it you?!

We have a feeling we know who this is. Hear us out on this because this was the first and only person who came to our minds when we read this. We bet you know who now! Only time will tell if Gwen will end up his ex-girlfriend. Because if this person was a celebrity, wouldn't they know the relationship and family status of said famous person without having to Google it? Please support TheThings so How To Deal With Hookup A Celebrity can continue providing you with great content!

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How To Deal With Hookup A Celebrity

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