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The 4 Years of High School: Guys Edition

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So, how far down is too low, and how far up is too high? For a guy? What about a girl? okay i'm a senior girl who likes a sophomore guy. my friends all think it's weird. at my school the trend is senior girls with freshman guys to me its weird and they go hookupex.date half the freshmans date seniors. 15 Nov In the Darwinian world of high-school dating, freshman girls and senior boys have the highest chances of successfully partnering up. Senior girls (too. when my cuz was a freshman he fcked 2 senior girls. (srs) .. and f*cked one. my high school only had grades so the sophomores are the fresh meat, it's like the senior's goal every year to hook up with as many sophomores as u can cause they'll do anything for the senior guys for social status.

I'm a senior girl in high school and have been dating a sophomore even though he's less than a year younger than I am.


I'm very young for my grade. We have a lot in common and I think we both love each other a lot.

Well was she hott? A girl dating a younger guy is weird. Lots of Questions

Next fall, I'm planning on going to a local community college, but I won't be too far away. I think my boyfriend has more interest in the military or a vocational career than college, but he's very serious and mature for his age.

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I know college will be a chance for me to meet new people and I don't want to limit my chances, but if I'm still interested in dating him, would it be "proper"? I was already hesitant about dating him because he was younger, although I knew if the situation was reversed it wouldn't be a problem.

Assuming everything still works out between us, is it OK for a college girl to date a high school boy? I'm not sure how to handle this. I know things may change before fall, but I'm getting anxious about it now. He has already said that he would still like to date me if I want to, so it's basically up to me.

Senior Girl Hookup A Sophomore Boy

As far as I know, there is no rule forbidding a college freshman continuing to date someone who is still in high school. Because the choice is yours, I suggest you just let this play out. College will present you with a chance to widen not only your range of interests, but also your circle of acquaintances.

Senior Girl Hookup A Sophomore Boy

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of everything that college offers. If Senior Girl Hookup A Sophomore Boy wish to continue seeing your current boyfriend, do so. However, it would be better for both of you if it is done on a non-exclusive basis for the next few years. Several times recently when I have invited people to parties or dinners at our home, they have surprised more info by responding with not only their regrets but also with a counteroffer.

How should I respond to this? I'm trying to invite them for a specific event, not open a negotiation. It feels like the subtext is that our schedule is less important than our potential guests' and we should be prepared to entertain them whatever day they have open. On the other hand, this has happened so often I'm starting to wonder if social obligations are now being handled in the same way as business meetings and I should just adjust to it.

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You should entertain on the schedule that's most convenient for you. If someone has a conflict, you should sweetly tell the person you will miss having them.

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