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What does chola,chulo,or cholo mean in spanish and what's the difference?

Contents. [hide]. 1 English. Etymology; Noun; Anagrams. 2 Chamicuro . Noun. 3 Spanish. Etymology; Pronunciation; Noun. Synonyms. Adjective. Synonyms; Derived terms. Further reading. Cholo definition, (especially among Mexican-Americans) a teenage boy who is a member of a street gang. See more. ; Spanish: mestizo, peasant, allegedly shortening of Cholollán (< Nahuatl Cholōllān, modern Cholula ), a city-state in pre-conquest Mexico. Usage note. Expand. When used of a. cholo. Cholo does not mean a "Mexican gangster" and it doesen't necassarily mean Mexican or Chicano. A Cholo is Spanish for Mestizo. A Mestizo is a person of mixed European and Native American heritage. Many Mestizos are Salvadoran, Honduran, Peruvian,Guatamalan, Mexican and Ecuadorian. Some people don't.

What Is A Chola In Spanish?

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What does chola,chulo,or cholo mean in spanish and what's the difference?

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Cholo is a male gangster Chola is a female gangster Chulo is cute male in some countries it means pimp.

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Commonly used whn referring to thuggish types and chula is pretty. Cholo a is a person of mixed race. Chulo a has several meanings: In Mexico it means cute, pretty.

In Puerto Rico it's a type of vulture. In other places it is a pimp. There's not just one "spanish".

Pachuco Culture in the Greater Southwest". Los vecinos se ven amenazados por pandillas de cholos. Answer Questions I was at a party, and one of the speakers was upside down. Street Life and Identity in Southern California. The Tired History of 'Fatigue' If you're not too weary.

Unfortunately your words have different meanings depending where. Chola feminine and cholo masculine mean "brown skinned" in Andean countries like Peru or Bolivia and it is clearly demeaning, bordering on racial slur.

But it is considered friendly and harmless in other places like Argentina or Uruguay. Chulo means "pimp" in Spain and it has a totally negative connotation, but it also means "good looking" a nice compliment in Mexico. It's rarely ever used in South America. What Is A Cholo. From what I know dating Puerto Ricans my whole life It s a term of endearment. Y bebo baby boy. For the best answers, search on this site https: Yo is the subject pronoun and me is an indirect and direct object pronoun as well as a reflexive pronoun.

Subject I speak Spanish. I looked at myself in the mirror.

Also go to Google and type in "cholo culture". What does chola,chulo,or cholo mean in spanish and what's the difference? Spell It Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

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What Does Cholo Mean In Spanish

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What Does Cholo Mean In Spanish

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