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Boy Ask A Questions Your Daughter Dating To


1. “Could you please give me your contact information and your parents as well?”

24 Oct Because the purpose of questioning your daughter's boyfriend is to get to know him better, while making him at ease, the questions below focus on positive examples. The “analogue” refers to a personal experience. Rather than asking the young man to explain the Pythagorean theorem, or who he is. Because whether I see you at the door after your first date with Ashley—or after your fiftieth date—you can expect me to ask you, 'Kevin, are you dealing uprightly with my daughter?' And I want you to know what I mean when I ask you that question. Are we communicating, Kevin?" "Yes, sir." His eyes were fully dilated at this. 11 Aug Fathers, once your daughter is in a serious relationship, you might consider asking the young man some (or all) of the following questions (commentary in italix): 1. Have you received Christ as the Forgiver and Leader of your life?/Tell me about your conversion experience. If this man is not saved, he is.

If you wish more info be informed each time a blog is posted, email Pastor David at davidholt08 gmail. To visit Pastor David's website go to: These are all great questions, but I think the preparation for the day you address a suitor begins long before with fathers building into their girls so that the daughter has the solid values of the Lord and is guarding her heart to not be courted by just anyone.

The original book came out in the 90s, a best-seller, has been updated for today. His girls are grown up and give their own input along with their husbands who are daddies to girls. It's so unique in this way. Robert puts the anxieties of Daddy raising his girl s to rest, guiding you through challenges and good times — protecting, conversation, affection, discipline, laughter, faith, conduct.

So great for helping daddies learn to lead, love and cherish. I highly recommend it! Fathers, once your daughter is in a serious relationship, you might consider asking the young man some or all of the following questions commentary in italix: Have you received Christ as the Forgiver and Leader of your life?

Marriage is hard enough when you are equally yoked. Where are you at with the Lord right now, and what are you doing to grow in your relationship with Him? This tells me if he is a growing Christian. It also tells me what spiritual disciplines he practices.

Tell me about your relationship with your parents the good and not so good?

Questions To Ask A Boy Dating Your Daughter

Often a man will treat his wife the way he treated his mother. Might be a good idea to talk to his mother. She will know her son well! What do you enjoy doing in your free time and http://hookupex.date/kox/33-year-old-woman-dating-25-year-old-man.php do you do it with?

How a man spends his time and whom he spends it with tells me a lot about him. What is your understanding of the roles of the husband and wife in a marriage?

Questions To Ask A Boy Dating Your Daughter

What role do you expect my daughter to play in the marriage? If he thinks he can come home from work, put his feet up, and have my daughter serve him hand and foot, I just might have to put my foot down on him.

Ten Questions for Fathers to Ask Their Daughters

What attracts you to my daughter? Certainly the physical will be part of it or should bebut it better not be all there is. The more character qualities he mentions, the more points he gains with me. What needs do you have in your life in which my daughter will need to be sensitive to in order for this marriage to work well?

Hey, knowing this can help me to help him should my daughter ever come to me with frustrations. We men need to look after one another. What is your fatal flaw i. I am assuming here that I have a close enough relationship with him to ask such a personal question. How are you going to be the financial provider? How much debt do you have? Do link have a plan to pay it off?

How a man manages his money says a lot about him. How are you going to provide spiritual leadership in the marriage and family when kids come?

But for most of us, this is serious business and we just need a few simple guidelines to go by. They have six children and an impressive number of grandchildren. What is considered one of your weaknesses? Are we communicating, Kevin? Are you musically inclined?

I will give extra grace here because I realize we all have a ways to go here, but he at least he better have some thoughts on this one. When my daughter gives birth to your children, what are your expectations of her in the marriage now i. It is never too click here to think about these kinds of things.

What are some of your guiding principles and philosophies of parenting? This guy might father my grandkids! Tell me about your past dating relationships. This will make a lot of guys squirm, but if so, how has he made past wrongs right and gained a clear conscience? My daughter will suffer if he brings past baggage into the marriage.

How will you respond when my daughter is struggling in some area? I am looking for sensitivity, kindness, and tenderness here. What will you do if you are struggling in your marriage and an old girlfriend tries to make contact with you on the Internet? What will you do to avoid sexual immorality? No commentary needed here, because the Questions To Ask A Boy Dating Your Daughter of this area is obvious to all. Is there pornography in your past or present, and if so, what are you doing about it?

What will you do if she is driving you crazy and you are about to loose your temper? Are you physically healthy?

I even had one young man come to me and say, "Mr. How did you meet my daughter? Here are questions for dads to ask their daughter's new boyfriend or man who has been your daughter's boyfriend for while, but you have not met. Hey, knowing this can help me to help him should my daughter ever come to me with frustrations.

Are you willing to take a blood test for STDs? When I got married we had to do this.


What is something in your past that was painful or difficult, and how have you trusted God through it? This is a great question to ask any fellow follower of Christ. Do you have any questions for me? The questions people ask tell me a lot about them.

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