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‘The Killing’ on Netflix: Romance for Linden and Holder in Final Season 4? | TVLine

4 Aug The six-episode final season, released exclusively on Netflix, ties up its loose ends a little too neatly. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS As sad as it would be to see Linden or Holder locked up, it would at least be in line with the futility of their attempts to do the right thing. Even if the series had ended with. 28 Jul At that moment, it was the first time I thought the writers would actually go anywhere with them literally in a romantic way. I know I wasn't the But perhaps Holder's line, when he sees Linden picking up an old, used cigarette, is more telling of what will happen in their developing relationship next: “Seriously. 30 Jun Linden has always been a very busy woman. [Laughs] This final season is this bullet train towards the end of the story of Sarah Linden. Not only is she dealing with the massive fallout from her own actions, but she's dealing with a case that is going to bring up the guilt that she harbors because of what she.

Well, we had questions too — loads of them. About that final scene. About the rumored Holder-Linden kiss. About the surprise cameo. About a possible fifth season. There were many different possibilities for how the story of Linden and Holder would end. That was one of them that we started to discuss at the beginning of this season, and that felt right.

From the very beginning, I knew that her journey would have to end in a place of uneasy peace, where there were no good guys, there were no bad guys. I always knew that finding that peace would be an inner journey at the very end for her. It transforms over the course of the series.

Are Linden And Holder Going To Hook Up

Finding the truth of what is in her life, and not running away… Linden is a runner. She runs away from everything in search of a better life. And she says that to Holder. And you are home.

You are my best friend. I always knew that we would end the present-day story at the end of the season and come back five years later with Linden and Holder.

The story would never end simply around the case, with Linden running away again. That would just feel like more of the same. There would always be a final reckoning between Holder and Click.

Why I Hated "The Killing" Series Finale (Spoiler Alert)

That final moment where she comes back, we viewed as the final movement of an opera. That would have been a very different end for the character. The final shot [pictured, right] was the very last thing we shot.

We organized it so that here be how everything would end. And it was tear-filled for Mireille, for myself, for Joel, for the crew… It was very bittersweet for all of us. We became a family and we loved these characters. There was no debate. Tears were just flowing from her eyes. This is the end that she deserves.

And they did it so beautifully. Everyone was nervous about that last scene, of course. We were all really quiet during rehearsal and during lighting. It was not filmed. I knew I never wanted to film a kiss. That would have felt a little too pat. But, at one point, Jonathan Demme — who directed the finale — did a lovely crane shot that I decided not to use in the end.

But the decision to let them ride off into the sunset together is nonsensical, not an obvious end point for the plot but rather a cheap way to end a somber, hopeless series with a smile. Read these ChicagoNow blogs. Her ultimate dream is to be a published author of books, screenplays, travel all over the world, and to form a creative village of talented storytellers from around the world who can collaborate together to produce stories celebrating old-fashioned romance and diverse storytelling. Brandy Wair on November 12, at 2:

But it was a crane shot that tracked Holder approaching Linden, and then — discreetly before they came together — [the camera panned] away. OK, moving on to other hot topics. How did that come about?

It felt very natural that the final person who would pull the rug out from under Linden would be a man who had become her nemesis. They started out in a similar kind of world of attempting good and wanting good.

Why I Hated “The Killing” Series Finale (Spoiler Alert) | Just Getting Started

But he went to the dark side. And rather than having an anonymous sergeant or lieutenant giving her the news ahead of the police commissioner, it [made sense that it] would be the mayor. And he would relish giving her the news.

We do stupid things when we commit crimes. The fallacy is that any of us are Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie. Let me say goodbye. She loved him deeply — for a long time. And she killed him.

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And she hated him. And she was repulsed by him. That also seemed a little sloppy. The reality, and a lot of cops will tell you this, is that people want to talk. I think that they reacted in a way that bad guys do all the time.

So, yes, both of them should have known better. Throughout this season, we see both Linden and Holder going to the edge and coming back. But the agony of watching this child — this hanging chad — that keeps coming back over and over to make things worse and worse for her, certainly tempted her. And then they quickly divorced. He and Linden are the same.

We became a family and we loved these characters. She here the thing that she was looking for all along. It's a slap in the face. And it was tear-filled for Mireille, for myself, for Joel, for the crew… It was very bittersweet for all of us. The show almost always showed clouds or rain into their icky, co-dependent relationship.

Rayne take the fall for him? She found the thing that she was looking for all along. Click here to subscribe. What's Working in Season 2, and What Still…

Are Linden And Holder Going To Hook Up