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Paint and Materials Costs for Classic or Muscle Car Restorations


Often a similar restoration from my past can be used for comparison to get a ballpark figure. (our hourly rate is $). How much will it cost to restore my car ? Can you give me a ballpark estimate on the restoration? What is the average cost associated with a restoration project like mine? The answer to those questions are. 16 Nov Hey. I've never restored a car before, but I've always wanted to. I just dont want to buy a project car thinking itll take to restore and. 14 May Whichever restoration type you try, the overwhelming odds are that the car and the job will end up costing more than they're worth. Yes, people have made big money through this process—but it's almost always those you've paid to do the work. The car's value simply will not support the cost of both the car.

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I've never restored a car before, but I've always wanted to. I just dont want to buy a 7, project car thinking itll source 30, to restore and it winds up taking 70, So lets just say I buy this for 8, http: It needs media blasting or acid dipping, so lets assume that costs 2, It needs paint eventually,so probably 4, Now, if it has an engine, id have to rebuild it or buy a new one.

Lets assume I spent 15, on an NRE engine. WhatI'm getting at here, is what would it take to restore something like this? Maybe if you guys could give me a description of a car youve restored, and how much it costed woudl really help. A lot of it depends on the work you can do yourself, as well as the unexpected costs.

If they media blast it, and it comes out of there with panels missing, more rust than you originally saw, etc, it can get expensive very quickly. Plus, you're betting that the read more that has already been done was done right.

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What if it was a hack job? You'll probably spend another few grand at least on the interior, depending on how original or custom you want to go. For what it's worth, I just bought a 68 Camaro in pretty decent condition.

The REAL costs of restoring a car Pt 1 - BMW 3.0 CS Build

Home-done paint job is probably the worst thing about it that I know of. Your leaving yourself open for some good answers on this one There is paint that cost that much today Your price will depend on a lot of things So like I said it's how far you want to go on this No one here will be able to give you a price on something like that without seeing the car in person and to also know just how far you want to go On that car from the picture I would say it will be more then your figuring It can add up really fast Now another thing come's in to play here Just how much are you going to do yourself and how much or you going to Average Cost To Restore A Classic Car someone else to do????

Outsourcing for Convenience can also make good economic sense. For example I'm looking to do a full restoration on a Firebird starting this summer. Some car restoration fees and costs are considered below. Also how do people learn the skills needed to restore cars like these?

I can go on and on with this and I'm sure your going to get more Average Cost To Restore A Classic Car from more here that you may not want to hear To restore that car it will take a lot of money and time Can it be done for less???? Sure, Just remember you get what you pay for Good luck and I hope some of this made sense to you If not you will know once you get about half way into this project How did it amount to that?

I recently had my Camaro entirely disassembled, sanded, and repainted and it came out to 4, I spent 15k to buy the car. Not the paint job lol. The Camaro looks nice. Like was said, a lot will depend on the paint you choose. A lot will also depend on the body work that needs to be done. New Interiors makes a great point about deciding how expensive of a car you want in the end.

For me, I'm setting my end goals around the 25k mark, with that going towards and LS1 swap, new suspension, brakes, etc. Doing it on a late model like yours, does not relate to the effort Average Cost To Restore A Classic Car usually takes for ''69 model. That is just too many years of shopping carts It will probably require a great deal more in hours and materials. Also, ragtops tend to have a lot of rust in the floors and such The hours will add up very fast.

Then there is always Earl Schieb. You can always find cheap paint work. What you cannot read article is GOOD cheap paint work Joe G's Photo Album. Joe G's Project Journal. In general, in my experience, a convertible costs twice as much to restore as it is worth when it's finished, continue reading 2-door times it's worth, and a 4-door times.

Unless you are willing and able to do most of the work yourself for free. If a restored car is what you're after, it's almost always cheaper in the long run to buy a finished car and let someone else take the financial hit.

The biggest expense in most projects is the labor. If you can do more yourself I will have to agree with Joe G. I bought and sold primarily collector Chevy projects for about 15 years The best, in my opinion, is to buy a nearly finished car. He can't get top dollar, but the major money may have already gone into the car.

Average Cost To Restore A Classic Car

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He dissected what a "rotisserie" restoration involves in terms of car disassembly, body work, paint, mechanical and electrical repairs and reeassemly. Are there any other benefits to using the worksheet? Here's another reality check. No questions about insurance, laws, or DMV procedures. Do you get what you pay for?

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Average Cost To Restore A Classic Car