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10 May 25 Girls Describe Their Reaction The First Time They Saw A Penis In Real Life I was absolutely taken aback when I saw one for the first time. Seriously, I stopped, sat up, and stared at his junk for a solid minute demanding he make it twitch because I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing.”. Lesbian YouTuber Arielle Scarcella sees her friend Riyadh's penis for the first time. 18 Aug But when that territory is down someone's pants, it's a whole new ball game (pun intended). It's a destination that comes without a map, guide or Lonely Planet, and the unexpected looms large (or not so). Here we asked 13 women to cast their minds back and share their reactions to seeing a penis for the.

August 15th, First time seeing a penis After seeing my little brother's penis for the umpteenth time yesterday, it got me trying to remember when I saw my first one. I remember I was about seven and I saw my cousins after we went swimming. So here's my Question: How old were you? I think I saw a hard one when I was twelve at a friends pool party and remember thinking it looked really big Also would you want a penis for a day?

I think I would just see to what it feels like and how masturbating feels for a guy Please do NOT double post! Use the EDIT button! Last edited by Lexi The Rebel; August 15th, at I'm going to exclude my brother from this because idk when exactly I saw it, and I never paid much attention to it hahaa.

Omg I always say I want a penis for a day lol. I want to use a urinal.

Girl Sees Penis For First Time

But I'm content with what I do have. Really don't remember when I saw my first penis because as long as Click remember my boys cousins and me have seen each other naked.

One was a few years older than me probably 13 when I was 6 or 7 so I guess he was the first one I saw hard.

Girl Sees Penis For First Time

Sure I would like a penis for a day and use it like a boy does with his gf. Well I did see my dad's when I was like 5 but I only remember because it was a very disturbing memory.

Anyways, I saw a hard-on under the pants when I was Maybe the fact I was link over the couch above his head and bending over.

Originally Posted by Animal Luverrr. August 16th, I'm on the edge of glory! I have saw my dad and stepdads a few times, but Im not gonna count them for my own reasons.

Besides them I remember seeing my uncles penis hard when I was like 11 and saw it agan when I was 12 he wasnt really my uncle but we called him that I couldnt get http://hookupex.date/mus/ex-wants-to-hook-up-with-me.php out of my mind. August 17th,Girl Sees Penis For First Time I was like 14 and was really disappointed that throughout the 14 years that i have not seen a real penis D: I was very determined to have a lookeven a peep and the real thing would make my day.

A little after mindnight, i sneaked out of my bed to the first floor and targeted classmates with a loose pants on and took a peep.

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It'd be cool to have a penis. Foreskin or not, I wouldn't care. A little more to play with, ya know? August 18th, August 19th, God I probably saw a penis at a day old.

I was in the guy's changing rooms, most of them had finished changing. Also, with the same friend, he link getting changed in the toilets, I was waiting so I could go in, and I'm just like hurry up and he goes he's putting his belt on, so I kicked open the door and he was kinda Feel free to PM me about anything.

Originally Posted by Smith Originally Posted by endgame.

July 19, Location: Paul Burrell cries before the challenge Not a free member yet?

Besides my little brother, I've never seen one in person. And id love to have a penis for a day. JUst Whipped it out!

It opens up the worlds inside of you. Originally Posted by endgame. Saw my first real-life dick in a life drawing class in art school when I was 18 years old. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.

read more August 20th, Originally Posted by crzy Originally Posted by Bethany. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 4. July 10, Location: November 12, Location: February 5, Location: March 22, Location: Climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up Age: July 16, Location: Tyler Alex Join Date: May 30, Location: On The Rainbow Gender: July 31, Location: Originally Posted by Animal Luverrr Okay August 16, Location: July 19, Location: August 16, Gender: June 27, Gender: December 6, Age: April 14, Location: August 19, Location: Originally Posted by Smith98 After seeing my little brother's penis for the umpteenth time yesterday, it got me trying to remember when I saw my first one.

17 Women Remember What They Thought the First Time They Saw a Penis

Originally Posted by endgame Same here. July 25, Location: In Your Bedd Gender: August 11, Location: August 12, Gender: Originally Posted by crzy15 i've grown up with my brothers seeing them naked, soo i would say sinse i was like 2?? March 14, Location: Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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