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27 Mar So I have 3 sets of neighbors. To my left are an older couple, which besides the husband constantly being in his garage and within sight of me. 5 Jun My neighbor and I don't get along either. There is She threatens to have my car towed, I tell her it's a legal parking spot, she calls me a moron and says I'm "going to get mine". Anyway, long .. How about a passive aggressive approach rename your wi-fi connection to "my_neighbor_is_a_raging_bitch". 7 Apr If talking to your neighbors and landlord doesn't solve the issue and it seems that you have tried all the tactics and they didn't work, then you can do some funny things to annoy them. In this way, you'll get your revenge and this might make them realize the inconvenience they've caused you. Here are some.

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How To Piss Off Your Neighbour

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What is the best legal way to piss off nosy neighbors? My neighbor and I don't get along She's constantly looking over the fence and "inspecting" my back yard. She makes comments about my front yard, tells me I drive too fast in my driveway, constantly comes on my property, etc.

She seems more concerned with what's going on at my house than what is happening at her own house. This has been going on for two years, and finally came to a head the other day with both of us cussing the other one out. What are some good, legal, ways to get under her skin? I know the Reddit community has had some crappy neighbors - let me hear what you've done or considered doing.

Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor

Or if the fence is high enough and provides total privacy for plausible deniabilityjust sun bathe nude. I had a bitch neighbor who would walk around the outside of my house with a notepad and take notes on it. I would tell her Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor get off my property and she would say "I'm on the neighborhood committee. I even filed trespassing charges and she had to pay a small fine but still she kept on. I had a buddy who worked with city planning and I looked up her property, turns out back in the 60's they but a septic tank in the ground and that was against code now.

She had to pay 10, dollars to put her plumbing into the sewer system and remove the septic tank, and when she refused the first time she got fined again for failure to comply. Bitch had it coming. I was hungry for justice and you quenched that hunger, sir.

And to everyone who reads this, yes, I'm familiar with the JusticePorn subreddit. Given that she has been informed, the moment she sets foot on your property, she is trespassing, and can be charged with such. The order does not need to be officially served - your mailing it is good enough. I was going to suggest this.

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If all you do is complain to the police, they won't bother to do shit about it and may even tell you off for wasting their time, but if you get a no tresspass order you actually have something. Put a large, inviting-looking box in your yard. Make it click very mysterious.

Make a show of furtively going out and putting something in the box. When your nosy neighbor finally succumbs to her urge to go look into your box, you'll have it on camera. This guy gets it. You ever read Sin City, click here that one mob boss explains that Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor doesn't do revenge because there's no percentage in it? Stooping to their level means you are now on their level, and that's not where you want to be.

The quality of your day to day life will be improved by limiting or eliminating your interactions with this person, not by increasing them. There was an snl skit about camcorders and arguing neighbors this reminded me of. Their line was "its not just memories, its evidence". Stare at her while you do it. My neighbor and I don't get along either.

There is hardly any parking in our neighborhood, so sometimes you have to park on the street. She does NOT like when people's cars are parked in front of her house, constantly leaving notes on my friend's cars and the like.

We did our best to ignore it. One Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor my fiancee and I Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor in and have to park on the street in front of her house. She threatens to have my car towed, I tell her it's a legal parking spot, she calls me a moron and says I'm "going to get mine".

Anyway, long story short, in answer to being called a moron, I periodically sprinkle tuna in her yard when she isn't home to attract all the stray cats of the neighborhood. They often congregate on her porch.

They'll explain the rules to her. I've done this to my neighbors. I have a large parking lot attached to my property. I calmly explain that this is my private property and not to drive through or park there.

Most of the time no problem, they move the car. Every now and then a new person moves into the neighbor hood so I have this chat times a year. If they give me shit I apologize for wasting their time and have the police visit to explain the rules.

Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor

Then they also get a warning for trespassing. The cops don't mind because I'm not trying to be a dick about it and I'm not looking at pressing charges and causing paperwork unless see more other party continues to be an ass.

Why do you have a huge empty? I fully understand property rights and for the most part agree with you, but I'm interested in hearing more of the story. If I pack them in, I can fit about 10 cars down both sides.

It would make an awesome lawn, but I need it for my business during the day. The parking lot is between my work and house. The problem isn't an occasional parker going to a near by business, it is that the area is mainly rentals and they don't provide enough parking. So the new renters assume that they can use my lot after hours. Except that I use my lot after hours.

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My kids ride bikes and things. Also when one of the neighbors throw a party they like to spill over into my lot. Then I get left with beer bottles and trash and the occasional burn out in my gravel that I have to shovel back in. So we politely ask that they Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor, and if they give me any fight, I walk away and have the cops ask the same question.

ONCE in 6 years I had a neighbor say they were having a party, and they didn't have enough parking, and they were going to be partying until after 2 am and didn't want their friends to be towed, and he asked if they could use the lot for people to park in, and they make sure all the cars were gone by noon on a weekend and they'd pick up any trash if their friends left any.

I said sure, no problem. Didn't even think twice about it and I don't even like the guy. I told him no click the following article else had ever asked, they had all just assumed and taken. It doesn't really matter why. It's private property and, Legal Ways To Annoy Your Neighbor default, they should not be parking there. I have a similar situation. I live in a small, private apartment complex.

Every time a new person moves in everyone knows, as it's only a 40 unit complexthey inevitably park in my space at night, since I'm often away on business. It's terribly annoying when I come home late at night to find that I have to find street parking in a very urban area with no street parking nearby, because someone is squatting in the space that I am paying for.

Log in or Sign up. Something to think about before you decide to annoy your neighbor Big speakers will only earn you a noise complaint. Be so weird that she doesn't want to see you.

If it's someone new, I'll give them one warning, and then have them towed. And, yes, I've had vehicles towed before. Call me an asshole, but if you can't learn to play by the rules, you deserve the blowback that happens. Why do people think they own the street space in front of their house? My old neighbor did this. She left a note on my car telling me not to park in front of her house, as she had five cars from people visiting for the summer.

Parking is a bitch because we live near the beach, so I'll park wherever I can. My dad retaliated by leaving his car in front of her house while he was on a business trip. I thought about getting a car from the junk yard and putting it on her lawn, but she ended up moving. Post no trespassing signs. Put up some cameras. Inform her that you will prosecute.

Yes, my password is: How to Clean Jewelry silver, gold, and gemstones January 25, Germans hate satellite dishes.

Make note of a few municipal laws. Is her grass too high? Are their laws against certain lawn decorations? What's street parking like?