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Ashley Meaton. i think its just plain adorable when my crush smiles!!!!! its also really cute when he talks or yawns! taty. i think its cute when they move their adorable hair. taty. @JaniceKamajaya, how is that cute it may be to u but i dont see it lol. Sarah. These are so accurate it's crazy. Kaela. #4 TOTALLY. JaniceKamajaya. I've lost count of how many times this has happened, and I'm thinking it has more to it than my physical appearance. I'm definitely not a bad looking guy, I do alright with girls but it could always be better. I do look young for my age (26) but not that much. However girls that don't even know me will always tell. 11 Dec More specifically, me and my GF will just get into tangents where we continually call each other worse and worse names until one person hesitates or can't think of something, then the other one wins. It's great. I've always been a vulgar, angry person, so it's always turned me on when someone does the.

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Stop bitching and complaining. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Relaxed, confident, content with whatever's going on.

I know I personally really go for the "cute" girls. I know what is considered hot by society and it just isn't a look I generally go for. I'm aware this is probably in the minority.

Cute and hot is also a different look for men. To all the guys on the misc that are told they are "cute", how has your experience with women been?

Girls what are your thoughts when you see a "cute" guy. Can a "cute" be a 10, or is cute capped to an 7,8? Originally Posted by toggahp.

To most girls, if you're told that you're cute, you're automatically in the Friendzone. If you hear her say it, leave immediately.

What Do Girls Think Is Cute

But of course you'll stay, because if you're reading this, you're most likely a beta phaggot who doesn't lift. Leave a link when you rep!

What Do Girls Think Is Cute

PM me if you replied to me in a thread! I don't often check for replies Facebook: Max Mirone Dagains Poverty signature because mods deleted my previous signature with no warning crew Syrian crew Eye aesthetics crew.

Amen Ra Squad Up. Am a so called "cute" dude, the young chickens definitely seem more fond of me. Talking to a broad when she asks how old I am then says she is "" is usual business. Being called cute doesn't bother me at all.

What do girls think about cute shy guys?

Its a compliment either way. Originally Posted by SwimBrah. Originally Posted by Maxjabbour. It can mean sexy or it can mean "like a brother. We love cute girls, too.

You phaggots overanalyze everything. I use the word cute when it comes to face and hot when it comes to body. If you worship money, you will feel poor. If you worship beauty, you will feel ugly. If you worship power, you will feel weak. Originally Posted by StillSearching.

I don't lift, but I am happy with my physique. Why do you think you're already friendzoned? Last edited by Maxjabbour; at I get called cute by all the manmores on the misc. It's different for everyone you stupid beta phaggots.

Although many things have changed in a year, including my geographic location. Select age and gender to cast your vote: Thank you for always putting me first. Why do you think you're already friendzoned? If you have perfect skin, congratulations!

Made out with a chick who calls me cute all the time. Same chick says Ryan Gosling is cute. This is the wrong place to ask, but as others have said it depends on the girl. I've had girls that don't find me attractive, but view me as a friend, call me cute plenty of times. I've also been in romantic relationships with girls who called me cute. You tell me OP, because my post sums it up. These are "cute" cars. Now, these are "hot" cars. Originally Posted by jayflip. Because cute, to most girls, basically means you have an "adorable" face, which also means that you have a babyface, which is the exact opposite of what an Alpha male should look like, and females in most species are attracted to the Alpha male of the pack, therefore she will not be sexually attracted to you.

She, as in most girls, wants a "bad boy" nophuckinhomoan "arsehole", a guy who looks aggressively attractive.

10 Things Guys Do That Girls Like

Niagara Falls between her legs Left: Alpha Those aren't real photos, they're computer generated. I see what you're saying.

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Not saying I agree, but I understand your point. Get called cute all the fukn time. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.