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20 Sep hookupex.date This mother is glad her daughter clocked a boy in the balls. And there's a bunch of comments below tha. 17 Oct Getting kicked in the balls hurts. So why do guys think it's hilarious to see other guys get hit in the balls? ​. Kicking a person in the testicles is extraordinarily painful and cruel. Women know this. The only reason I would ever kick a man in the testicles is if I felt I needed to cause him extreme pain very quickly, which would probably mean that I was defending myself against an attack or something like that. I don't think many women.

I've seen girls do this, mostly during middle school and early high school.

Why Do Girls Kick Boys In The Balls

I've only been kicked in the balls twice. First time was from my sister, I used to annoy the hell out of her as kids. Second time was from a girl I had a crush on during middle school. I slapped her butt one day, she returned the favor by kicking my balls and laughing. We were dating at the time but I guess she felt like kicking me.

Was just curious if most girls did this growing or not.

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I was 14 and babysitting some kids in our neighborhood. I often supervised them in their swimming pool. They were 2 and 3 always wore kid's swimming suits that keep them afloat of course. But all the kids in the neighborhood were always welcome at their pool. So this 18 year old guy in the neighborhood came down to swim. I never liked the guy. He was always strange but I knew he had a rough childhood so I passed it off as that.

Well the kid's mom came home and we got them out of the pool and I told the mother I would get all of the kid's toys out of the pool and meet her inside.

As soon as she was gone the guy came up to me in the water and grabbed me. Like a water wrestling, rough housing kinda way. I kinda laughed it off and pushed him away.

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But then he pushed me against the wall of the pool and tried to take my bathing suit top off. I started to panic and kicked him in the balls and pushed him under water. Then I climbed out of the pool, fixed my bathing suit top check this out never told a soul.

Just went in the house and acted like nothing happened. I would only ever kick a guy in the balls as self defense when I really feared for my safety. Not just playing around. Question is closed for new opinions! Nope, I have not.

Don't think I have actually ever hit or kicked a boy hurtfully, probably only playfully. I would only do so if someone was attacking or touching me in a way I was not okay with.

With the sister thing, it is not nice, but it's a normal part of being siblings. As a child I've only kicked a guy once and it was a complete accident.

As an adult I've only kneed a guy once, that was self defense. I've always found it to be a horrible thing to do and shouldn't be done as a joke or to "get back". You didn't deserve it either time. I'm a black belt in karate and when I was in the academy learning, I always kicked my opponents in the crotch. Lol it was, and it was an accident MOST of the time. When you are learning and trying to kick a moving target though, sometimes you hit the money.

No, you can cause real damage doing that. I would do it in self defense but I would never do that unless my own safety was in question.

To respond to your updated question, it may be the easy thing - kicking a boy - if you want him to stop doing something like annoying you. Young girls may not think about what continue reading they could do if they kick a boy pretty hard. I wasn't brought to up to think about kicking a boy that way, so I'm not sure i would have done it at any age.

I play a lot of sports and have a younger brother so it's happened. The leg just comes up and he's standing http://hookupex.date/mus/what-zodiac-is-compatible-with-capricorn.php. Soccer is prime example. Haha a boy just happened to be standing in the way as your leg comes up.

Lol sounds like it was like half intentional. My sister only kicked me once but she threatened to kick my balls relatively often. I just left her alone because I didn't want to get kicked lol. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that we know where it hurts lol. It's a good threatening point and gets the point across if it comes to that. I think I only ever did it intentionally once and it was back in like grade 4 haha. I know i did once in primary when there was this one boy who was being a jerk to my friend.

And i have threatened it to my boyfriend as a joke when he said something i found a bit too over the top. To answer your second Q, well with the girlfriend that was a bit unthoughtful of her perhaps tell her your thoughts, but also you should ask her if she had found that inappropriate of you to do because some of us don't appreciate it.

As for the sister thing well thats what Why Do Girls Kick Boys In The Balls between siblings though no it was not deserved. Would you kick a guy's balls if they playfully grabbed you butt?

I did to my girlfriend and I wound up with her foot in my balls. I've kneed a guy in the balls for feeling on my butt, and in this case we were not dating.

That is the only time I've abused that area. I do think this should be done for self defense only. I have never kicked or nut punched someone.

I cringe at the thought. I likely would never do it unless my life depended on it.

Yes I have kicked 3 guys in the balls, actually. Because one bullied me for my depression as a teenager, the other made fun of me because I couldn't ever catch onto certain things easily side effects of medications I was on for depressionand the other guy yanked my hair and ripped a huge chunk of it out. I never have simply because I've never been in a situation where necessary.

MrsSolidSnake Your bf must be a weak person to stay with you. I think I only ever did it intentionally once and it was back in like grade 4 haha. I don't get any enjoyment seeting thiswhy would I? Cried in front of my class and teacher.

I've accidentally sacked guys by throwing stuff at them if that counts. Only once I think when I was in elementary school. I've done it in a fight, on accident, on purpose and because of jokingly taunts. The accident was a metal pole of an umbrella, on purpose some guy got dared to hug me in school behind hug and I kicked him.

I have, but I feel bad for it. I didn't know it hurt on guys worse than it hurt on girls. I was oblivious to the whole existence of testicles. I kicked a guy in the balls in high school. The first time was when I saw him and his asshole friends harrassing another boy with Down syndrome. I'm pretty little, and this ape was huge, so I kicked him hard in the balls. Later, he cornered me in a bathroom and the only reason I got away was because I kicked him again.

A 12 year old tried to take my food. I was bullied and needed a quick getaway. Someone grabbed my ass.

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I couldn't think of anything else during krav maga. You have no idea how much it hurts. Its also really embarrassing to be kicked in the balls by a girl. After that I never seen that guy bully him. Anyywayyysss I know it was embarrassing for him. I know it would hurt like hell. I know a few girls who have done it and it's something that I find absolutely unacceptable. My sister for example, kicked my best friend just because he made a misogynistic joke. For continue reading kicking someone in the balls in only an appropriate response to aggression.

It's painful and dangerous and I think some girls abuse that, to feel powerful or something. What if a girl had an equally sensitive area and guys thought it was funny to kick them?

I don't think you deserved to be kicked in the balls by your girlfriend. If she weren't your girlfriend, maybe. But she was so for me that was inappropriate. As for your sister, it depends if it was just playful teasing or actual harassment or whatever.

Otherwise I kicked someone once, when I was younger, just because I didn't like the guy, like he was weak.

Things your teachers did that they'd never get away with now. For me kicking someone in the balls in only an appropriate response to aggression. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. They find it funny because they don't know the pain it causes. Because its funny seeing someone get hit in the groin.:

And that was very stupid of me and I feel bad. God I'm such a bitch.

Why Do Girls Kick Boys In The Balls

Nope I've never done that in my life.