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17 Sep Basically, foreplay should just be like a sexy Simon Says, where after one person does something, the other person should do that too until one of you screws up and is out, or you both come. 5. It builds up anticipation. It's like that moment right before the bass drops in a shitty EDM song, except we can feel. There's going to be a lot of anonymous answers to this one, I'll warrant. It feels exciting. Really exctiting. It's a major turn on to get her all hot, excited, and thrashing around. As far as how she feels in the mouth. Pretty much like skin, e. 6 Oct I like the challenge. I'm like a walking Wikipedia entry for my girlfriend's vagina, constantly updating the how-to-get-her-off section and editing out any bad “ What do I love most about licking the pink taco? “I'm a visual guy, so I appreciate any chance I get to stare at the intricacies of my girlfriend's vagina.

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Why Do Guys Like Eating Girls Out

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More details on the community rules can be found here. What is is like to eat a girl out? Do you actually enjoy it, pros and cons, ect. I do enjoy it, and it's mostly for the reactions I get when I'm going down on her.

Sometimes it gets a little strenuous on my jaw, but I can fight through it. However, I'm a little retarded so I don't put myself in a position to breathe while I'm down there giving her bits a spit shine making me come up for air.

I may need to invest in a snorkel. It's a bit strenuous on my tongue. I love the intimacy of it. Makes me feel really passionate, like I want to dominate her completely, devour her, and make her surrender in every possible way.

Its not candy by anymeans, but its not bad. Like, I would need my partner to sit on my face, or I would need to jerk off while eating pussy, for a while. I love sucking on her entire pussy as she comes. The thing is, I know how I taste, and it's not good. Sex is basically shitty EDM, is what I'm saying.

It makes me feel like her body belongs to me. I don't think I'd want to go down on her after we'd both had a long day's work and we were all sweaty and grimy. I think both of us start to get some B. I could sit there and make her come times and it would never get boring to me. I don't get the same jaw or tongue fatigue that others have complained about, although that could just be my arousal overpowering any discomfort I may also be feeling. I love having my SO's pussy and ass in my face and feeling her writhe around as I snake my hands all over her body.

I love that her scent and taste are so quintessentially HER. I love the feeling of her thighs squeezing my head and the way her body quakes and tremors as she approaches orgasm.

We can call in a favor. But I can understand where you're coming from on the mental side of it. Its not candy by anymeans, but its not bad.

I love sucking on her entire pussy as she comes. I love everything about it. Honestly, I'm a pretty giving lover, getting my SO off is what gets me off the most. Making her feel good is what it's all about and oral is one of the best ways to do that. Wouldn't change a thing.

It's enjoyable, I feel like it's the only time a woman is completely bending to your will I love it and so does my SO. There are many positions to do it, standing, sitting on my face which I lovelying on her back, from behind. There are times she may squeeze a bit too hard when she's really into it and I prefer freshly showered as well.

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My SO is able to cum from a variety of positions and touches which I love I'm going to echo what one commenter said though about one con. I'm a woman, not a Why Do Guys Like Eating Girls Out, but presumably my answer is still relevant.

I was very nervous about it it seems tricky, some people have an issue with scent or taste and I thought I might, etc. Turns out I absolutely love it. I'd rather be going down on my girlfriend than pretty much anything else. No cons that I can see, other than I sometimes get tired or need to breathe right as she's about to orgasm and you really can't pause then, so it sort of turns into an endurance race.

That's definitely not a complaint, though. My first time I was worried about taste or smell but my SO has a very faint smell and tastes nice. At first I can taste her a lot because of previous activities but after Why Do Guys Like Eating Girls Out there isn't so much taste, just a bit and mainly my spit. As an action to do I find it very fun because its obvious she likes it and I find it is intimate.

The only downside is she prefers being on her back and that starts to make my neck hurt after a while but oh well, definitely worth the neck ache. My personal longest has been for about 70 minutes but couldn't move see more neck a lot after that haha. Haha I got a little carried away down there, that's the longest but usually go for at least 20 minutes.

I love nothing more than licking a freshly shaven pussy. I got my wife to cum 8 times in a row once. That is the standing record. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Why Do Guys Like Eating Girls Out

You won't be able to vote or comment. What's something that would make it better for you? Want to add to the discussion? SO read this and found it funny. I like how she tastes, normally I do it in the evening after we've both showered. I've woken her up in the morning a few times by eating her out.

Makes her giggle, hah hah.

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It's my favorite thing to do in bed. My wife asked me once how I'm so good at it. Of course, that's a little bit of a pro as well. I tip my hat to you sir! I think of it like a little cock.