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14 Mar Because any man asking this question needs to deal with the real issue at hand, and that issue isn't about where to find women who like older men. It's an issue of their lack of knowledge about female psychology and dating dynamics. To me, it's an excuse to make up for some insecurity they have about. 10 Oct As a guy who was in a fraternity back in college, slept with a lot of college girls, saw how they grew up from their freshman to senior years, and talked to a lot of them I feel like I have some authority on this issue. I have also known more than enough older guys who've tried to get with college girls and had. 3 Feb You instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex. There is nothing that will irritate your female class mates more than if you date an older woman. A sort of 'what does she have that we don't have' or 'what is it that attract her to you? Is there something we should know?' thought process will bug your.

Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men. Hookup An Older Girl In College of the rules is not an excuse.

Here's a Glossary of Shaming Tacticstry to be creative and avoid these. We know you won't, that's why you're easy to spot. Read the following threads and Hookup An Older Girl In College Theory Reading below. Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them. How To Tease Bitches. How To Manage Your Bitches. The truth read article getting college girls as an older guy.

I've seen a lot of posts about this on here and IMO many of them are full of bad information or just give false hope to young guys who think one day they're going to get older and get the pretty looking college girls they couldn't in their college days. A few members on here have also PM'd me about it so I thought I'd post this. As a guy who was in a fraternity back in college, slept with a lot of college girls, saw how they grew up from their freshman to senior years, and talked to a lot of them I feel like I have some authority on this issue.

I have also known more than enough older guys who've tried to get with college girls and had varying degrees of success. This is what I have learned and felt the need to share with all of you.

I'll let you know Tuesday night. If you are a random rich guy who shows up to college thinking that his BMW or Mercedes is going to get him a night in bed with the pretty looking sorority girls, take my word for it, you will be very disappointed. Late one night after a few drinks he comes over. I was 38, recently out of a nearly sexless 6-year relationship, and I was on a bit of a tear. She had a bookshelf in her living room that was filled with almost all sex books.

Since this is the red pill reddit, I feel like I have to be straightforward and honest with you guys instead of giving you false hope.

Yes but it is not that simple, a lot of it depends on: Most older guys should be able to get college girls if they put themselves in a favorable situation and are smart with it.

Now that we've answered the main question, lets talk about the different factors. Older guys have a significantly difficult time getting reasonably good looking college girls at traditional college campuses where almost everyone is On the other hand, older guys can do quite well at community college type settings, colleges located in major cities, and colleges with more commuters rather than a dorm community.

The older guys I know http://hookupex.date/ni/how-to-make-a-leo-woman-fall-in-love.php had success with good looking college girls often met those girls at colleges which were socially like community colleges rather than colleges like the University of Florida where most students are in the range, Greek Life is huge, and the community is more tightly knit.

You will not get the reasonably good looking sorority girls at major schools like say Syracuse for example, as a guy who was in a fraternity I've seen many older men try and fail. Sorority girls are very clannish and their entire life revolves around what Hookup An Older Girl In College sisters think of them, hooking up with an older guy or "random" someone that Hookup An Older Girl In College go to the university is going to destroy their status in the Greek crowd.

Not only will their sisters do everything to prevent you from getting with them, many frat boys can become massive cockblocks. Getting sorority girls at traditional universities where almost everyone is in the range ie: Syracuse, University of Florida, etc. The only exception to this rule is if you are one of those guys who didn't go to college after high school, did military service or something like that, came back to college, rushed and got a bid for a big name fraternity most important partand became a brother.

Now lets talk about the kind of girls older guys can get.

As mentioned earlier, you're going to have a much easier time at community colleges and commuter campus type of settings as opposed to your typical state university with a major sports program and most people in the range. Don't be a Hookup An Older Girl In College Most college girls stay away from "randoms". You have to be somewhat connected to the college scene in order to have any luck there. Volunteer work is an excellent way Hookup An Older Girl In College get involved outside of the obvious, taking classes there.

Others can elaborate more on making yourself a part of the scene, getting a job at a college bar or club is probably one the best ways to gain status and maybe even access to some of the hottest girls on campus you still won't fuck sorority girls if you go to a school like Syracuse though. Most older guys who get college girls can pass for early to mid 20s, they don't look old enough to be their dads.

Not much more I can say about this. People like to Hookup An Older Girl In College a lot about how money see more make up for it when it comes to college girls but I don't think that is as true as you may think. Driving a fancy car and showing off your wealth won't really help as much you may think because college girls value status more than money.

If you are a random rich guy who shows up to college thinking that his BMW or Mercedes is going to get him a night in bed with the pretty looking sorority girls, take my word for it, you will be very disappointed. Your SMV in the real world will not be the same on a college campus, especially if it is a school like Syracuse or UC-Santa Barbara where most kids are in the range. You can be a guy getting laid left and right in a place like NYC but the second you go to Isla Vista, you will hardly have any success.

It's weird but it is just how it works. You will have a much harder time getting reasonably good looking college girls at major universities like the University of Florida or Syracuse which are big schools where almost everyone is in the range, have major sports programs, and Greek Life is huge.

Older guys have a much easier time at community college type of settings or 4 year schools which are in major cities.

It is practically impossible to get sorority girls at colleges like Syracuse or UC-Santa Barbara if you are not in a fraternity or a popular guy on campus usually an athlete so don't even bother trying, at best you'll settle for an ugly one. Go for girls that are not involved in greek life, are typically upperclassmen, and see more a lot of time volunteering.

You need to be connected to the scene to have any luck, being a bartender at a popular college bar is a good way to do it and could give you access to a lot of the better looking girls on campus. Don't meet or get them from the scene. Don't meet them around their peer group at all. Don't try to meet them at the school. You don't go to the actual college to get them. College girls are everywhere within commuting distance of their U. They work part time, they go shopping, they do activities.

Well I'd just say not whatever game frat boys are playing. I don't club, I'm not going to go to a college party. I'd much rather let a college girl get lubed up with drinks at some betas in training frat party or ladies' night at the club and have her call me up at 3am for a good boning. If you act like an old creeper and lurk around colleges, you're gonna have a bad time. If you go about your life and manage to come in contact with colleges girls then AWALT so you're good to go. I don't really see link point of OP's post -- it's basically just a list of reasons why some subset of college girls may or may not fuck you.

Seems like a waste of time to hamster on this rather than just gaming the ones you come in contact with and actually seeing if they will or will not fuck you.

It's a problem with this sub that guys tell you about why something won't be succesful becuase they themselves can't do it. Instead of an honest evaluation of why THEY can't to do they focus on saying it's not possible.

I don't want link hear failures I want to hear success.

Hookup An Older Girl In College

In fact guys who look just like you are living your dream. I'm almost 50, I spin hot kinky plates half my age with easerun a hard harem, and I don't use money to do it and I'm at best an 8 in looks.

Hookup An Older Girl In College

And I only learned to do it a few years ago. My attitude is if any man can do it, I can do it. Stop making excuses and become the man that deserves the things you want by right. I invite them to nice places that they can dress for and be proud of their youth, parade their sexuality and feel special, I think they really like that.

I got a response from a couple that lived down the street from me. However, many older girls like to see a guy who dresses similar to themselves. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I thought, maybe its different in the US. Greek Life single handedly makes getting laid in college tough if you aren't involved with it, I saw it in front of my very own eyes, short asian guys getting hot girls because they were affiliated with a certain fraternity while taller and better looking white guys who were "GDIs" didn't get shit. If Greek Life didn't exist, the guys who had the most game and looked the best would be getting the hottest girls in college.

Then again, for me rushing a fraternity was the best decision I made in my college career, had I not done it, I would have had a sexless college experience. GDI's don't get shit at all when they game sorority girls or girls who are Hookup An Older Girl In College part of that scene. Go fuck the nerdy s as an athletic, handsome GDI; when you enter the Greek scene, you have no real value because your amongst girls who fetishize this type of world that basically was made up to help us.

Outside of that, you'll pull, you just click to see more get the hottest ones because they tend to be the ones who buy in more. If you want the hottest and thus the craziest of this age, you should go for non-college chicks in the club who dropped out because they thought they're hot enough to be an actress.

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She'll go for someone older who appears financially powerful, dominant, etc. As a former ucla townie i can assure you that this is false. I pulled more sorority tail as a HS dropout working at the westwood http://hookupex.date/ni/ballad-of-tony-hookup-tayo-song-in-lyrics-to-jingle.php than my older brother who was in a ucla frat at the time This was done using leykis inspired tactics at the time late 90's The pickup arts have evolved quite a bit since then.

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Tinder makes things super easy: Do a post on it, I've not seen it done in the colleges here in Florida so I am sure plenty of these guys would be interested in hearing your story. First of all my older brother who was a bro got me into a lot of parties so I made friends with frat bros and didn't seem like an outsider. I would straight up lie and say I'm visiting from Stanford in norcal to get some http://hookupex.date/ni/hookup-someone-whos-been-in-prison.php bitch thirsty.

But it was mostly due to the fact that I am a local los angelino and most sorority girls at UCLA are clueless rich girls from small towns or the outskirts.

I click in SF now and pull the same shit with marina girls. I promise a lot of shit for pussy and never completely follow through.

I never joined a frat and I slayed in uni. No way I'll be eating tubs of mayo and cum and all those meaningless gut checks. I'll be joining a much Hookup An Older Girl In College fraternity in about a year or so.

I am under the impression that you are just a troll that knows nothing of greek life. Cause being in a frat is the end all be all right? It's like saying if you weren't on the football team in high school women didn't even look at you.

For starters, it's not true. But if you actually have no idea what lays beyond that.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? You are nothing to me but just another target.