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Can You Still Be Friends After Rejection?

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28 Jul When people ask me if they can be friends after the affair, they mean can they be platonic friends like any of their other high school/college friends are. No, they can't. The sexual attraction is too strong and they really crave more than a simple friendship. They just don't want to let go and so they think calling. 9 Jan This is not a favorable setting for the two people to remain hookupex.date in fact the evidence is that divorces caused by infidelity are one of the least favorable settings for people to remain friends,” Kirshenbaum says. Despite the difficulties, Kirshenbaum does believe forgiveness after an affair is possible. 21 May I had a short time affair about a year ago with this married man (that I had had a huge crush on for several years before I got married). Cut the long.

Reply Sat 11 May, So,I have already written a brief introduction in my earlier post considering my affair.

How To Be Friends After An Affair

It ended last month as he decided to stay with his family for the sake of his daughter. We want to keep the friendship, yet the boundaries are all blurred, I never know what to or say, if what is appropriate. I don't know it going for coffee twice a week is still acceptable. The thought of breaking contact completely kills me yet when I am in contact I never want to leave him the bond is that strong. I am certain See more love this man, and I didn't realise trying to walk away could be so so painful.

I feel things, emotions I have never felt.

Can You Be Friends after the Affair?

I wish hours and days away just to see him, yet I know I need to break away. It is like its just going to be with us forever, We have gone cold turkey and it killed us. Stop trying to manipulate the situation. It ain't going any further. You are deluding yourself and if you were honest with See him for what he is and all he's done to you. He's help create this fantasy life that he had no intention of becoming part of for you.

How To Be Friends After An Affair

And it'll likely be easier for you if you start thinking that way. At least he was upfront enough with you to tell you it would not be forever, Why would you want to be "friends" after what you had? You are deluding yourself and if you were honest with yourself, you would know you are trying to work him until he changes his mind.

It ain't gonna happen. So why torture yourself? Are YOU still married? We have gone cold turkey and it killed us.

Can You Still Be Friends After Rejection?

I don't believe you can remain friends after an affair. When you love each other, friendship is a part of it and once your affair goes to the falling in love for each other, it is impossible just to go back to being friends. Even if you had a fabulous friendship like we had which did develop into something very special. I am left dumbfounded as to how out of the blue after a year he can walk away.

The bottom line is we all learn from our mistakes and having just come out of this affair for a year, which was totally unexpected after being told how much this guy was in love with me it left me devastated. How To Be Friends After An Affair I am going one day at a time, keeping busy and in my job too and not letting anyone see how heartbroken I am, but at least I know, his life at home will only ever be the same as it was when he met me and he will have to live with that.

Stay being click here as I am going to be, and if he should contact me again, it will be many questions, in that I won't allow myself to get caught up in the same situation I have just been in.

I will protect myself and he will have to do all the running and I will be doing no more hiding. If you're hurting as I am my advice is I'm trying to be strong and move on, it's not easy but I will get there with time. Him - I don't know, but one thing is for sure, I know he is in a very unhappy marriage and he will have to live with that. Be Brave, Be Strong.

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Am i over reacting? I want to run away. I can't do this anymore. Please help, should I call CPS??

I had a deeply emotional affair with a woman who started as a nice casual acquaintance. However, he also said that he would not want me to shut the door completely if possible I have been married 30 years. Can former affair partners become friends only?

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Share Share this post on Digg Del. The more contact they have as "just friends," the more likely it is that one will get resentful of the other for withholding sex from the mix; I have seen reunions turn very ugly because of this kind of resentment, frustration. It seems to me that he is not that determined that he will not take her back when or if she regrets what she did and wants to go back. His spouse recently found out 'bout affair and he is now "committed" to not having sex with me, but still calls a few times a week and we talk about pretty much everything. I'm attractive, sexy and smart and I had many many offers in the past and always refused.