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5 Apr We've collated the tales of woe from sharehouse residents nationwide, but we'll leave it to you to decide which is the ultimate "winner". The latest articles and discussion from Good Looking Loser. On the other hand, she has always made me feel the sky is the limit. No matter how miserably I failed, she was always there for me. I might fail in a movie, but when it comes to being a real person, I get my sense of respect and dignity from my mother. When I was growing up, she never hesitated to spank me if I deserved it.

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Which room in a sharehouse causes the most arguments?

Come play games in our chat room, take part in Feedback Fest, Fanlore challenges, our short fanworks challenge, or keep our WhatFanworksMeantoMe event going in your other fannish spaces.

You might even win a prize! Nino was all for harmonious coexistence that Monday, but the moment Alya had nearly taken his head off for almost bumping into her, he knew it was going to be a tempestuous day.

Fantasy - peonydee - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]

See, Alya did not take well to being thwarted, especially when the ones doing said thwarting were usually docile to her machinations. It was then Alya decided to take action. It was primed for a switcheroo among the four of them. Adrien had forgone going home for lunch and was quietly catching up on homework he had missed, apparently busy all week for a special runway show that involved some acrobatics.

They had just congregated around his friend at one of the tables dotting the school yard to wait out the fifteen minutes or so left till their classes resume. Alya waved away her protest. Her sputtering by itself sounded like an overheated engine.

She was determinedly looking away from Adrien, while Adrien, Youtube Hookup With Dignity Twitter Headers the gentleman pretended he was too engrossed in his work to have heard. Nino did a double-take, staring at how the designer seemed to have completely lost her embarrassment to, as close as the DJ could figure from her slack expression, bewilderment. I mean, some of my battle footage are YouTube worthy.

No Archive Warnings Apply Fandom: Sometimes - ideas just come to me. Could barely get in the door.

Chat Noir is one fine specimen of man. Would Adrien Agreste play him? Which made sense, Nino figured, since Marinette adored Adrien, a guy seemingly opposite of Chat Noir in looks, a world class dork hiding under a handsome mug. Meanwhile, Adrien completely spun away from his homework, predictably excited by any talk remotely scientific.

Like a second sin. Alya, however, had a different take. Nino felt second-hand anxiety at the speculative expression on her face. Not going to lie—that is just sinful.

Youtube Hookup With Dignity Twitter Headers

Must be quite sensitive, again like a second skin. He looked so earnest, Nino thought, either happy that Marinette was conversing with him directly or that he was getting a counter-argument of sorts from her. Damn, his bestie could be such a cheesy spazz….

His face crumbled like a smashed cookie. Alya meanwhile was laughing her ass off. Nino felt like it was some sort of betrayal to not say anything in support of the boys representative in the Parisian heroic duo, but what was he supposed to do?

Alya had as evidence all those crazy videos she took of Ladybug and Chat Noir, sometimes at the visit web page of her own safety. Nino was just a lyceean boy, an indulgent boyfriend who stayed out of things like obsessive curiosity. He has to be shredded, trained from all those times his equally sleek partner pushes him off rooftops. Http://hookupex.date/ni/hookup-app-for-guys-with-beards.php ass and crotch!

Nino buried his face on his hands. Or maybe more like palmed his face. And peeked through his fingers. Not to sound philosophical about it, but they look at each other after all. Sometimes, they admire what they see.

Youtube Hookup With Dignity Twitter Headers

I get pinged every someone uses my pics or videos—at least, when they credit me. Not just crotch shots or back shots. See, gifs are pretty awesome. And Chat Noir is just plain sinful in gif, what with the slow-mo and the lack of context.

Marinette had her hands pressed to her eyes, as if willing away the images springing up in her brain. Written by link shipping real people together? Nino always forgot about how much of an Internet denizen his best friend was, having spent a lot of his free time during his days of homeschooling online, delving into fandoms and discussion boards and such.

Trust him to know what fanfiction were. What the hell even were kinkfests, Nino did not want to know. I mean, who knows, maybe one of those authors know them in real life, hiding in plain sight? Adrien had such a look of morbid curiosity, but before he could ask, Marinette made a strangling sort of screech.

Nino and Alya sighed in shared exasperation as they walked together to their literature class, pondering the mysteries of matchmaking. Inspired by this edit.

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Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password? Today is International Fanworks Day! No Archive Warnings Apply Fandom: See the end of the work for notes.

Alya was laughing hysterically again, so much so that she sounded like she was about to cry. Series this work belongs to: All fields are required.

Nervous Guy Game Wednesday, 12 February I guess that mentality has always followed me. Just ask any girl - she's complicated. And peeked through his fingers. Recent Posts on Lifestyle.

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