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Traditional Iraqi wedding

Partners often come from the same kin group, and though marriage between different ethnic groups is accepted, it is not too common. The ruling Baath regime considers marriage to be a national duty that should be guided and encouraged. Starting in , women were forbidden to marry non-Iraqi men. If they were. Iraqi Marriage Traditions & Rituals Kiss & Tell Editorial Articles Page. Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq. Starting in , women were forbidden to marry non- Iraqi men. If they were already married, they were prohibited from transferring money or property to their. Iraqi Marriage Traditions & Rituals Aroos Joon Editorial Articles Page. 28 08 - There are many other traditions before .

In Mosul they make the party in the fourth day after marriage.

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This is usually held in the groom parent's house and the guest are from women only; the invited women should bring gifts for the new couple. Only the bride attend this party while her husband usually awaits in another room of his family house waiting for everyone to leave the house. The bride usually wears a party dress and some time more than one, or she may enter the room with her white dress and then change it after a while.

The guests starts to dance and celebrate the new marriage.

Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq

Most of our marriages are arranged in the traditional way i. When a man sees a woman and he likes her form the first sight he tells his mother about her and his family starts to ask about her family and start to work like a detective and if they match with the groom family socially and economically and in other things they agree about her.

The south, under Iraqi control and closed to outside help, has An Iraqi woman collects her monthly food rations from the Red Cross in Baghdad. Saddam later drained the marshes and although being restored will never be the same. Reports Legal Reports Iraq.

His mother goes to the bride house and asks for her hand on his behalf from her mother and gives her all the information about her son and the family, so the bride family will start to do the same thing that the groom's has done but this time, in opposite direction. And if they agree they call the groom's house and ask the groom to come with his mother.

Some families let the bride sit with the future groom alone and let them get introduced to each other and talk alone about themselves, if they both agree about each other they will go to the next step and if one of them did not like the other very much they will separate.

I can even tell you where to get one for free! Personal disputes are handled by religious community courts, which are based on Islamic law. Hey Fantastic Blog, I totally agree with some of the points you made. Excellent, i was able to use this imformation for my class project on gender differences in Iraq.

Also many still prefer the marriage between relatives, like cousins especially in small towns and villages. The traditions I'm talking about link in Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq cities not villages.

This party is very short and almost lasts for an hour only. In this contract the man usually writes her some kind of money or gold which she will take if he divorce her or he dies. This is usually done in court and some families bring the judge to the house of the bride where more traditional ceremonies can take place. For Sunnis the bride wear a white dress or Jallabyia, a tradition Arabic cloth, and in http://hookupex.date/noho/signs-of-dating-a-bipolar-man.php of her they put seven cups, containing different kinds of white things like sugar, yoghurt, cream, I don't remember the others!

Also they put the holy Quran and a mirror. Usually the judge asks the bride personally if she agrees to marry this man by saying a long traditional speech and he repeats it for three times I don't know why and then the bride says Yes. And then return to the groom but he asks him only once! When the judge asked me if I agreed to marry my husband no body told me I should wait before answering yes, so after he asked me the first time I said yes, then he started to repeat it again and again after he finished I did not answer him because I thought he will talk again.

In the party I attended, the cleric asked the bride 40 times before she said yes, but as they told me some repeated about 15 times. In this party the groom's family gives the bride jewelry from gold or diamond depending on their wealth and the groom starts to put it on her, while every one dance and sing. Before the wedding day in one night there is also a small party held in the house of the bride and the groom as well separately, he invites his friends like the bachelor party but with no stripper!

Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq

Some of the men might bring traditional dancers. After that comes the wedding party. Some they don't have a party just Zaffa as we call it, in which the groom's family goes to the bride family bringing with them a music band and start to dance for a bit and then the new couple go to their home or hotel. Some have a big party. There are many other traditions before the wedding and after it I shall put in other post because this became a very long boring post.

Of course these traditions may differ a little bit according to the social and economical levels and according to beliefs as well but this is the basic thing. Some of the families started to shrink those parties into two or three Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq on the security and economical conditions as well. All Blog Tools blogger templates.

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Dating And Marriage Customs In Iraq

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