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National Geographic Megastructures - Money Factory. Posts about genetic testing written by Life in the Boomer Lane. 22 Oct These dinosaurs are mostly lithe and fast-running, but Deinocheirus was built for size, not speed. At 11 metres long and 6, kilograms in weight, it was huge, almost as big as the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex. It wasn't a ferocious predator, though. It couldn't move quickly or bite strongly, and most tellingly.

Everyone descended from that man but not on a direct paternal surname line needs someone who does carry that surname to test. Same story for mitochondrial DNA — except fewer people have tested, so it makes those tests even more valuable.


When your results come back, the cousins just come pouring in. If you use one, please place a note on that comment. Enjoy and click here to redeem coupons and to order kits and upgrades. For a very long time, and on most online trees, Irene Charitas is listed as the wife of Johann Michael Mueller who was born about in Zollikoffen, Switzerland and who died in in Steinwenden, Germany.

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Could this couple http://hookupex.date/noho/how-to-stop-an-erection-fast.php lived there, or had children elsewhere, previously? Could they have had other children that were baptized in a different church? Unfortunately, the only part of the original Steinwenden church that survives today is the bell tower.

Sometime in the early s, the Mueller family arrived in Steinwenden from the Zollikoffen area near Bern, Switzerland. Furthermore, the Johann Michael Mueller family could have made an intermittent stop along the way that we are unaware of. In other words, Michael could have married Irene Charitas anyplace between Zollikoffen and Steinwenden. When our cousin, the Reverend Richard Miller visited the church in Steinwenden inthe church historians and a German genealogist prepared a summary of the church records involving Johann Michael Mueller, shown below.

In all of the birth records of children born to Michael, Irene Charitas was his wife, and Charitas was not her birth name.

Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic

If the child born in was their first, then Irene Charitas was likely born aboutgive or take a couple years in either direction. The next we hear of Irene is a church record for a confirmation of Irene Charitas Schlosser, a daughter of Conrad Schlosser, of Steinwinden. Often, children were named after their godparents with the idea that the Godparents were relatives and they were the appointed relatives responsible for the religious education of the child — and whether spoken or unspoken, it was also expected that if the parents died, the Godparents would raise the children — or at least the one s named for them.

She could have been his sister more info aunt or a favorite cousin. Or, Conrad could have been related to Johann Michael Mueller. One way or another Conrad trusted Irene enough to name his daughter after her, making Irene Charitas Mueller the first in line to raise her namesake should something happen to Conrad and his wife.

Additional research on the Schlosser family church records is in order. Of course, now this makes me ask just how Michael and Jacob were cousins, and was it through marriage via Irene Charitas? It looks like we may have yet another family connection hint.

She probably died before she was There are no more known records of Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic, at least not directly.

What we do know is that the last child in these church records is born to Irene and Michael in This is the only one of the six children she bore that lived. I wonder if the church records reflect a rash of deaths within the village.

Just 11 months later, she would bear her 6th child. I bet those months between June of and May of were living Hell for Irene, between the sorrow and grief http://hookupex.date/noho/dating-a-guy-just-out-of-a-long-term-relationship.php losing her children and the uncertainly of the one she was carrying.

Fortunately link me, Johann Michael Mueller, the second, born innamed after his father, did live, as he is my ancestor. Johann Michael Mueller Sr. For some reason, from tothere were no more children born to Johann Michael Mueller and Irene Charitas — nor to Johann Michael Mueller and anyone else.

Why is this important? Because another rumor that has been rampant over the years is that Johann Michael Mueller was married to Anna Loysa Regina and that she was the mother of Johann Michael Mueller. At least I was able to figure out where this information originated. She is noted at that time as being the widow of Michael Mueller.

Origins of major archaeal clades correspond to gene acquisitions from bacteria. No flying cars, but will lab-grown penises suffice? We find that genetic distances among Balto-Slavic populations, based on autosomal and Y-chromosomal loci, show a high correlation 0.

No, it was not about love but one would hope it was at least about like and that love evolved. Michael would have had a small child who needed a mother. Michael and Anna Loysa Regina must not have been married long, check this out there are no children recorded to she and Michael, but she did go on to have children with Jacob Stutzman, one as late as If all of these records have been accurately translated, Irene Charitas probably died aboutpossibly in childbirth.

Cemetery plots in Germany, as is customary in Europe, are reused. In some cases, they continue within the family, with generation upon generation pardon the pun being Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic in the same location. Well, I was wrong. Those little buildings are ossuaries containing the bones of the former inhabitants of graves. The photo below is the ossuary in Wolsum, the Netherlands.

This is truly the final resting place until the bones turn to dust, generally stacked something like cordwood with similar types of bones stacked with like bones on shelves. There they are, my ancestors and their DNA, right in front of me, but entirely anonymous and completely unidentifiable.

If we knew who they were, we could obtain the Y and mtDNA lineage of every family in the village, including mine! The bones in the ossuaries are just waiting to finish turning to dust — a process that takes longer than they are allowed to rest in the ground. You could reconstruct an entire village in the s or maybe s from their DNA — maybe even further back. You could tell who settled there, where they were from originally… you could learn so much. But back to reality….

In fact — it seems that her entire Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic lifetime was filled with serial grief, except for those few brief months when she and baby Michael both lived. Then, the terrible irony. When a child finally lives, she herself succumbs.

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I can only imagine the excitement Irene felt about her first pregnancy, followed by the shattering death of the baby. It was a first birth, probably difficult.

Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic

The second one would be easier. Just a few months later, she became pregnant again and full of hope, only to have her dreams shattered again Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic the death of that child. And then again…and again and again, year after year after year. I know how frightened I was when I was pregnant for my third child after my second child died.

And then the baby lived but she died. Oh, the horrible irony. In death, leaving behind her one child that lived. Click here to read the next article! Yes, it has warts and there are aspects I dislike, but overall, I feel it gives us a sense of connection that is otherwise impossible to have in our geographically dispersed world. In our hectic world today, most of us no longer live down the block or next door to our parents, siblings, aunts and uncles.

We may not even know our cousins, aside from their names. Families are no longer nuclear or close by. When I was younger, the Christmas letter was what connected people across the years — and each one was hand written in the Christmas card. Later, when computers and word processing debuted, one letter was written, several copies printed and a copy put into each card.

People got offended due to the impersonal nature of the letter. Today, the Christmas card letter is nearly obsolete, in any format. I know, bad cousin, bad cousin. I actually received an annual card and letter from someone I had no idea who was, for years.

And by that time I was too embarrassed to ask who they were and how we were connected. So I was extremely glad when Facebook came along, because it allows us to have a sense of connection and continuity with our family, and friends…. Facebook is also a wonderful way to get to know your new cousins, often found through genealogy and genetic genealogy. Who knows — but they do. In both cases mentioned above, the people later expressed how hurt they were that no one or few replied.

I went back and looked in my feed, and neither had been posted to my timeline. I looked at their postings on their page, and sure enough, there they were. I felt awful, and so did other people who also replied that they had never seen the prayer requests. Just think how many people would have never mentioned how hurt they were and just suffered in silence.

So, how does Facebook posting work? Suffice it to say, most of source posts are of interest to me. This web page assumes that you are Facebook friends with someone. To see their page, click on their name or enter their name in the search box and then click on their name.

And you can undo it quickly by the click of a button. Why do people unfollow others? These types of postings seems to increase click during the political season or after something happens that is contentious and elicits Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Dna National Geographic feelings in either or both directions.

No, nothing controversial there.

These findings suggest that the origins of the Utsat likely involved massive assimilation of indigenous ethnic groups. Two main explanations have been proposed to explain the phenomena: These dinosaurs are mostly lithe and fast-running, but Deinocheirus was built for size, not speed.

Yes, I have opinions on all of these. No, you will never know what they are unless you are a very close friend or a very close family member. You will never find my opinions on volatile or controversial subjects on Facebook. One of the best ways to get yourself quickly unfollowed by me is to participate in what I consider to be manipulative behavior. Most people intensely dislike other people trying to manipulate their behavior, whether they say anything out loud or not. How did that work out for you?