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18 Nov I'm A Woman Who Cheated On Her Deployed Husband, This Is Why I Did It. By Anonymous, November Like most military couples we got married way too early. I was young, he was Read this: 4 Things Women Can Do To Be More Attractive (From A Non-Beta Bitch Male Perspective) · Read this: Calling. I know a lot of military wives who cheat when their husbands are deployed. They have plenty of takers. Just check the clubs sometime and you will see them in there and the guys hanging around them. And all you wives who think your husband does not cheat, I believe most do. I remember one time the. It's high, due in part to guys being deployed, but also due to the emotional stress that such a relationship can put on people. Back to top. Reply · Replies (2). OptionsTop. Replies (2). 0 0. TheCaterpillar. LSU Fan Member since Jan posts. re: What percentage of military wives cheat on their.

Military marriage is hard. Sometimes spouses at home cheat, and sometimes service members cheat on deployment. These 11 stories from service members who cheated on deployment show just how difficult military marriage can be, and why it sometimes fails. The incident started as just two friends hanging out, [but] soon we were progressing a little further until one thing led to another. But we all know no one leaves unhurt.

Before my first deployment, my wife and I became new parents.

Military Wives Cheat

A month prior to my deployment I relocated my little family to a new apartment in a better area off base.

Two weeks after my new baby was born, I was deployed.

Still, just google "polyamory" and "military" and you'll find discussion forums for folks living that lifestyle. Even though I took care of everything in our lives it was always, always about him. Vicki to help them cheat. It opens up the worlds inside of you.

For months, every skype call was an argument about money or that she was angry about being in a new town with a new baby. Eventually this drove me closer to my friend. Her and I began hanging out more and more. Then the inevitable happened.

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I was out in Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, and went like two months without talking to anyone — as the Air Force likes to deploy people by themselves. He was messing around with this chick.

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After he left, it was just me and this girl, all the time, together. Turned out I started to catch feelings for her. It just felt right. My wife let herself go. She was pounds, and when I met her she was — huge difference.

It was Iraq, Julyand three days before we had lost a truck team to an explosively formed projectile that ripped through the cab of a Maxxpro. My female driver, also a married specialist, came by the CHU to talk, and it just happened.

We were both grieving from the loss of three of our brothers.

I told myself I would never date or have sex with a coworker. We were discussing the states of our relationships when it happened. I was filled with guilt, shame, then acceptance.

I was the sole provider. My husband was kicked out of the military and did nothing but eat and play video games.

So, men, do you treat your wife as well as that other guy? We have something similar with girls interested only in men in law enforcement. I do think it's an unfortunate thing to happen to an active duty or veteran, so why does it happen when their S. A lot of people in the military rush into marriage and often marry young, as I believe there are some extra benefits.

He even refused to sleep with me. I had never felt so unloved in my life, so I guess I naturally looked for it in all the wrong places. Should I have cheated? We made up, Why Do Military Wives Cheat On Their Husbands a year later, I cheated again.

I thought we were good but all it took was a few drinks, distance, and a little connection with another deployed coworker for me to have another affair.

My husband is a great man and deserves the article source, but he lacked compassion and affection.

She was an embassy employee who I worked with closely. She saw the qualities I possessed manifest in a professional sense and had great respect for the job I did and the manner in which I did it. It was not only physical, but emotional too. My college-educated partner never respected my job and never understood it or demonstrated a desire to understand it. And I ended up with a woman that witnessed me at my best, all my best qualities, that manifested in the work I did while deployed.

I guess I was not that ideal person when I was stateside but when I was deployed, absolutely immersed in my job, all those qualities that a professional, mature woman wants were right on the surface. And that is why I was unfaithful.

Why Do Military Wives Cheat On Their Husbands

IED explosion, rocket attacks, deaths, etc. Turned to my battle buddy. We shared a traumatic experience. It was an emotional bond, and we made plans to see each other when I got back. I flew to see her and had sex with her. I got cozy with another soldier and we ended up in a hotel. We both wanted it, but we knew we had to go back to our family and we were ok with that. Hirepurpose empowers modern veterans to discover great careers.

Why Do Military Wives Cheat On Their Husbands

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