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The Choosing Ceremony

Meet the Cast

Main characters in Divergent book, analysis of key characters. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Divergent Character List. Beatrice "Tris" Prior. Beatrice was born and raised in the Abnegation faction, but chooses Dauntless because she feels it is who she truly is.

Are The Characters In Divergent Hookup

The Divergent movie is click here in the world, and so here we are again, books in hand, ready to pick out every teeny-tiny little thing that was changed from page to screen. There were a lot of changes in this movie! And also some scenes that did not make the cut. Please feel free to add your own. The most tragic, though, Are The Characters In Divergent Hookup the nameless girl who actually falls to her death before making it to headquarters.

None of these people were in the movie. How much it matters: It's not like you knew those people, but the train casualties established how dangerous the initiation process is — how dangerous life in this world is in general. Tris feared for her life, and so did the reader. Edward and the missing eye Again, the film skimps on the brutal things that happens to other Dauntless initiates; in this case, the vicious de-eyeballing of a guy named Edward.

Scenes like the missing eyeball are why.

'Divergent': Who's Who in the Cast

Uriah The zip-line enthusiast doesn't exist at all, which bummed Veronica Roth out, as she told Vulture's Jennifer Vineyard at the premiere: But I was sad.

It's hard to miss him specifically, since the film barely spends any time on Tris's immediate friends.

10 Actors You Didn't Know Almost Played Four In Divergent

None of that happens in the movie. On the other hand, his tough-dude act is really working in the movie. Like, that is a dreamboat. The sexual assault When Book Tris is attacked by Peter, Drew, and Al, there is a deeply unsettling groping component to it, and you get the feeling that Four is interrupting a sexual assault. Again, the film evades some of the darkest moments in the book.

Are The Characters In Divergent Hookup

So if the films weren't prepared to do that either, then maybe this is responsible editing. The Capture the Flag sequence Instead of paintball guns, the movie has tranquilizer darts, and instead of Christina seizing the flag, Tris gets the honors. It makes movie-sense that Tris grabs the flag; she is the heroine, and the heroine deserves glory.

A more character-obsessed person would point out that Book Tris is not the kind of person who seeks out attention, but this particular scene seems believable to me. The tranquilizer guns were sort of goofy, though.

Drunk Tobias or lack thereof In the book, Tobais Are The Characters In Divergent Hookup wasted and falls all over Tris in the middle of the Dauntless cavern. The movie skips over a lot of Dauntless life, which is maybe just as well, since the faction deteriorates pretty quickly. And as established above, I have no problem with a more severe Four as long as he opens up eventually.

Visiting Day Instead of visiting Tris at Dauntless headquarters on the appointed day, Tris's mom pops out of nowhere in a loading dock and confronts her about being a Divergent. You don't get to meet any of the other parents, but there aren't a lot of extraneous characters in general, so it's not much of a loss.

His father died when he was young, and he has an older brother Zeke, also in Dauntless. Because they comprise an odd number who will be left out of the class? In Insurgenthe volunteers to guard Jack Kang during his meeting with Erudite so that he can eavesdrop and collect information to share with other Dauntless. We ALL should have known.

A bigger problem is how subdued and obliging Tris seems in this particular scene, and at various times through the movie. Without the first-person monologue, it is harder to get a sense of how uncowed and sometimes difficult Tris really is. Four predicts the war He gets most of the way there in the book: This could be the whole movie's tagline. Her mother runs in after about twelve seconds. Give her another action movie!

The final standoff Instead of Tris and Four in a room making eyes at each other, you get the whole Erudite leadership!

She created the mind-control serum she uses on Dauntless; and, with the help of Dauntless leader Eric, she makes them attack Abnegation sector. Jeanine Matthews says to do anything he was to him as long as he keeps him alive and Eric has some interesting and fun things planned. Molly constantly mocks Tris, tries to start fights, and, well, let's just say she's not a very good loser. But he's not all brain:

Which is the point: This is an action movie, and dramatic knife-throwing trumps introspection. We get some excellent action and glimpses of what this show could look like in future seasons, and we set the stage for an explosive climax. Which showrunner will get the next big payday? Miller wants source to know she also got married.

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