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Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry

Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Find out more here! Sul sul Simmers, And welcome to the first Tales from the Sims thread! We will be starting these threads on a regular basis to share our love for The Sims and what better week to start than the Anniversary week.

The first set of Tales are about the very first inhabitants of your Sims world. Share with us their creation story, their experiences during their lifetime and maybe even a quick peek at their descendants. What do you remember about them?

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Were they short lived, like mine - 5 minutes in game and back to CASor did they live loooooong immortal lives? Oh god, I don't even know who my first Sim was that wasn't myself. I think this was back around My very first sims were based on some characters from my books I had written manuscripts. Nothing published when I had Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry Sims 1.

I wouldn't really consider it anything with story behind them as I didn't play the game for long. Don't remember names and I didn't really have a story with him. Once I was used to the game though, that's when I finally made a whole bunch of families and played my first household: Was then my goal to get Peter and Sakura together.

I kept that save for a while before i then considered getting Sims 4 and 'transferring' my characters over. Now I have them and an even more expanded set of characters with different backstories and fates.

February 9 see more February 9. The year was My sister brought The Sims home, and I instantly loved the concept.

I went straight away to making this couple named Joe and Emilia Smith.

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Joe was blonde with a mustache and he wore a suit, like a stereotypical 50s salaryman. I also maxed out his nice points. His wife, on the other hand, has 0 nice points, and she wore that striped spaghetti strap with the skirt and red sneakers.

She had that brunette Mercedes head. I didn't exactly play them my sister hogged itso it was more like I watched her play as I gave directions. I made Emilia work while Joe stayed home for "me" to control. One time, the lamp broke, so I sent Joe to fix it. Unskilled as he is, he got electrocuted, which we thought funny at first Then shortly after, a kitchen fire broke out near the newly-widowed Emilia.

We didn't save, and I got annoyed at my sister since she was steering the ship. I remade them at a later point with slight differences, and they had two kids. The older one was Arthur, and I forgot the name of the girl. Oh, and for a while after that, I refused to let my sims cook. It was always the buffet table for them, or just going on vacation indefinitely where the hotel always serves food. He's not for sale.

I started on console playstation 2 I believe so those story sims were the first there, and I was terrible at that game don't think I was very patient yet. I just locked Bella in a room ready to start a fire I think I let his grades drop and he was taken to Military school Bella was responsible for him so I went back to the fire room and Mortimer raised Cassandra alone TS2 I think the first family I played with the Pleasants aside from looking in the other base game households, but I remember I went with the story and let Daniel get with Kaylynn and Mary-sue was fired so she came home into to catch them.

Afterwards, I moved her in and Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry got pregnant, now back then it was a lot worse to not have a computer really decent for a game so when I had lag meh. She was going to get something to eat and I still think it was a protest but Mary-sue, Angela, and Lilith blocked her path and in that house the little kitchen is easily blocked.

She couldn't get past Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry and died of hunger right there. I played with university and can't remember who went first I think some premade visit web page sure. Then I didn't realize ts1 couldn't be on the same computer TS3 Really this is fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure it was the Goths again and I don't remember what I did but as I've said I built up a habit of giving Gunther a little make over and stealing him.

When I saw him around town he seemed so interested in her sister so usually he got blonds The lag was bad see that computer had the space but about 1. My first family was The Mole family, when we got the UC for free I went into another town and made a sim and for some reason really built up a love for John Mole. So I recreated them in fact at the time TS3 wasn't giving me issues so I made them in that game too and always they had a sweet male first born. In this game though with the lag I aged him up twice thinking it didn't register the article source clip It's funny how much I rememeber actually see I'm kind of almost a complete airhead fun times so that's why I shared from all games.

Lost, last seen on the gallery with a 1 at the end of her name. My first sim was named Maggie Mason back in I had picked up this game at Best Buy, the clerk said it was all the rage, lol.

Global VR video community for virtual reality video lovers. Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, which is a slimmer and more sleek console, sweetening the deal for many gamers. It was always the buffet table for them, or just going on vacation indefinitely where the hotel always serves food.

The rest is history. I put Maggie in a little house. I could see her bars going into the red and couldn't figure out why she cried all the time I do remember finally figuring out, she had to talk to someone.


After that, she was the talk of the town, lol. She had a guy named George whom she did not particularly care about but he was smitten, stayed outside her front door for what seemed like several days, crying. So it seems my first experience with the original Sims was about a stalker, lol. Maggie eventually married an astronaut who lived in his suit, lol. Edit to say, there have always been Maggie Mason's in my Sims games.

Ah, I told this very, very short tale recently. Helmut von Staramzahn was a high strung fellow who lusted after Betty Newbie -- the woman he could never have. He was electrocuted while attempting to repair his Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry. His final words were "Bob fixed his, how hard could it be? My second sim was more long-lived. I had some Sims in TS1 but I don't remember them at all For some reason, though, I felt the need to populate every world with this same Sim; whenever I created a new Sim, it was always that one.

I don't remember her story link anything, though. I was still so young back then. I remember creating a female Sim whom I really wanted to hook up with another male Sim of mine whom I created solely for her to fall in love with.

But whatever I did calling him In fact, instead of a sweet friendship turned romance the guy actually came to hate her! I had her invite him over but he'd come with those really mean responses TS2-style, diminishing their relationship ever more.

At some point I noticed that her aspiration was far in the red.

Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry

Not because any big fears had come out, but simply because I spent SO much time trying to fix that boy that I never completed any wish of hers. So she never actually died from aspiration failure, but I'm sure she was going to lol. My first successful gameplay experience God, that felt like such an achievement.

I loved that couple I did that a lot: For this reason and because I grew too attached to my Sims to age them, I never had generations. Now in TS4 is the first time I've been able to Astronaut Hookup Simulator 2018 No Blurry generation 3! Mine was in i had gotten the sims fun with pets and i didn't know i needed the sims 2 base game till i tried installing the game to my brand new laptop so my parents got me double deluxe.

February 9 edited February Oh wow, I don't even remember her name. I bought the sims 2 primarily because it allowed me to build homes and community lots. I had dreams of being an architect. I created a female as a sort of real estate agent to give tours of all my builds. I wish I had my old TS2 pics. She eventually evolved into having story elements as part of her tours.

I didn't set out to create stories. When I got into building homes, I decided it was better to play test them first so that anyone who downloaded my homes would have little to no issues with the build.

You need to have Android 4. Link can climb everything, It is impossible not to get lost in this world! Just like the ad says.

I began to really have fun playing my sims as I tested my homes. I did enjoy creating sims to test these homes.