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Site design and content copyright Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup quoting or citing information from this site, please link to the corresponding page or to http: Please note that the use of automatic download software on this site is strictly prohibitedand that users of such software are automatically banned without warning to save bandwidth. Please raise them here. Heaven is lofty and honourable; earth is low. Their symbolsQian and Kun, with their respective meanings click here, were determined in accordance with this.

Things low and high appear displayed in a similar relation. The upper and lower trigrams, and the relative position of individual lines, as noble and mean, had their places assigned accordingly. Movement and rest are the regular qualities of their respective subjects. Hence comes the definite distinction of the several lines as the strong and the weak. Affairs are arranged together according to their tendencies, and things are divided according to their classes.

Hence were produced the interpretations in the Yi, concerning what is good [or lucky] and evil [or unlucky].

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In the heavens there are the different click here there completed, and on the earth there are the different bodies there formed.

Corresponding to them were the changes and transformations exhibited in the Yi. Jump to dictionary Show parallel passages Related discussion. After this fashion a strong and a weak line were manipulated together till there were the eight trigramsand those eight trigrams were added, each to itself and to all the others, till the sixty-four hexagrams were Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup.

We have the exciting forces of thunder and lightning; the fertilising influences of wind and rain; and the revolutions of the sun and moon, which give rise to cold and warmth. The attributes expressed by Qian constitute the male; those expressed by Kun constitute the female.

Qian symbolises Heaven, which directs the great beginnings of things; Kun symbolises Earth, which gives to them their completion. It is by the ease with which it proceeds that Qian directs as it doesand by its unhesitating response that Kun exhibits such ability.

Jump to dictionary Show parallel passages. He who attains to this ease of Heaven will be easily understood, and he who attains to this freedom from laborious effort of the Earth will be easily followed.

He who is easily understood will have adherents, and he who is easily followed will achieve success. He who has adherents can continue long, and he who achieves success can become great. To be able to continue long shows the virtue of the wise and able man; to be able to become great is the heritage he will acquire.

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With the attainment of such ease and such freedom from laborious effort, the mastery is got of all principles under the sky. With the attainment of that mastery, the sage makes good his position in the middle between heaven and earth. The sages set forth the diagrams, inspected the emblems contained in them, and appended their explanations; - in this way the good fortune and bad indicated by them were made clear. The strong and the weak lines displace each other, and produce the changes and transformations in the figures.

Therefore the good fortune and evil mentioned in the explanations are the indications of the right and wrong in men's conduct of affairsand the repentance and regret similarly mentioned are the indications of their sorrow and anxiety. The changes and transformations of the lines are the emblems of the advance and retrogression of the vital force in nature.

Thus what more info call the strong and the weak lines become the Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup of day and night.

The movements which take place in the six places of the hexagram show the course of the three extremes i. Therefore what the superior man rests in, in whatever position he is placed, is the order shown in the Yi; and the study which gives him the greatest pleasure is that of the explanations of the several lines.

Therefore the superior man, when living quietly, contemplates the emblems and studies the explanations of them; when initiating any movement, he contemplates the changes that are made in diviningand studies the prognostications from them. Thus 'is help extended to him from Heaven; there will be good fortune, and advantage in every movement.

The Tuan speak of the emblematic figures of the complete diagrams. The Yao speak of the changes taking place: The expressions about good fortune or bad are used with reference to the figures and lines, as being right or wrong according to the conditions of time and place ; those about repentance or regret refer to small faults in the satisfying those conditions ; when it is said 'there will be no error,' or 'no blame,' there is reference to the subject repairing an error by what is good.

Therefore the distinction of the upper and lower trigrams and of the individual lines as noble or mean is decided by the relative position of the lines ; the regulations of small and great are found in the diagrams, and the discriminations of good and bad fortune appear in the subjoined explanations. Anxiety against having occasion for repentance or regret should be felt at the: The stirring up the thought of securing that there shall be no blame arises from the feeling of repentance.

Thus of the diagrams some are small, and some are great; and of the explanations some are startling, and some are unexciting. Every one of those explanations has reference to the tendencies indicated by the symbols. The Yi was made on a principle of accordance with heaven and earth, and shows us therefore, without rent or confusion, the course of things in heaven and earth.

The sagein accordance with the Yilooking up, contemplates the brilliant phenomena of the heavens, and, looking down, examines the definite arrangements of the earth; - thus he knows the causes of darkness or, what is obscure and light or, what is bright. He traces things to their beginning, and follows them to their end; - thus he knows what can be said about death and life.

Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup

He perceives how the union of essence and breath form things, and the disappearance or wandering away of the soul produces the change of their constitution ; - thus he knows the characteristics of the anima and animus. There is a similarity between him and heaven and earth, and hence there is no contrariety in him to them. His knowledge embraces all things, and his course is intended to be helpful to all under the sky; - and hence he falls into no error.

He acts according to the exigency of circumstances without being carried away by their current; he rejoices in Heaven and knows its ordinations; - and hence he has no anxieties. He rests in his own present position, and cherishes the spirit of generous benevolence; - and hence he can love without reserve. Through the Yihe comprehends as in a mould or enclosure the transformations of heaven and earth without any error; by an ever-varying adaptation he completes the nature Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup all things without exception; he penetrates to a knowledge of the course of day and night and all other connected phenomena ; - it is thus that his operation is spirit-like, unconditioned by place, while the changes which he produces are not restricted to any form.

The successive movement of the inactive and active operations constitutes what is called the course of things. That which ensues as the result of their movement is goodness; that which shows it in its completeness is the natures of men and things. The benevolent see it and call it benevolence. The wise see click to see more and call it wisdom.

The common people, acting daily according to it, yet have no knowledge of it.

Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup

Thus it is that the course of thingsas seen by the superior man, is seen by few. It is manifested in the benevolence of its operationsand then again it conceals and stores up its resources.

Ren shi ni duo jiu le. One man his lips with silence seals; Another all his mind reveals. Hyaluronic acid has been extracted from eggshell membrane by enzymic effects. Hai shi hen ai ni ai zai ji yi de pin tu li.

It gives their stimulus to all things, without having the same anxieties that possess the sage. Complete is its abundant virtue and the greatness of its stores! Its rich possessions is what is intended by 'the greatness of its stores;' the daily renovation which it produces is what is meant by 'the abundance of its virtue.

The formation of the semblances shadowy forms of things is what we attribute to Qian; the giving to them their specific forms is what we attribute to Kun. The exhaustive use of the numbers that turn up in manipulating the stalks Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup, and thereby knowing the character of coming events, is what we call prognosticating; the comprehension of the changes indicated leads us to what we call the business to be done.

That which is unfathomable in the movement of please click for source inactive and active operations is the presence of a spiritual power. Yes, wide is the Yi and great! If we speak of it in its farthest reaching, no limit can be set to it; if we speak of it with reference to what is near at hand, its lessons are still and correct; if we speak of it in connexion with all between heaven and earth, it embraces all.

In its individual stillness it is self-absorbed; when exerting its motive power it goes straight forward; and thus it is that its productive action is on a grand scale. In its individual stillness, it is self-collected and capacious; when exerting its motive power, it developes its resources, and thus its productive action is on a wide scale.

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In its breadth and greatness, the Yi corresponds to heaven and earth; in its ever-recurring changes, it corresponds to the four seasons; in its mention of the bright or active, and the dark or inactive operation, it corresponds to the sun and moon; and the excellence seen in the ease and ready response of its various operations corresponds to the perfect operations presented to us in the phenomena of nature.

Their wisdom was high, and their rules of conduct were solid. That loftiness was after the pattern of heaven; that solidity, after the pattern here earth. Heaven and earth having their positions as assigned to them, the changes of nature take place between them. The nature of man having been completed, and being continually preserved, it is the gate of all good courses and righteousness.

If a minister do not keep secret his deliberations with his rulerhe will lose his life. The seeing their spirit-like intimations and understanding them depended on their being the proper men; and the completing the study of them by silent meditation, and securing the faith of others without the use of words, depended on their virtuous conduct. He traces things to their beginning, and follows them to their end; - thus he knows what can be said about death and life.

The sage Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup able to survey all the complex phenomena under the sky. He then considered in his mind how they could be figured, and by means of the diagrams represented their material forms and their character. Hence these diagrams are denominated Semblances or emblematic figures, the Hsiang.

A later sage was able to survey the motive influences working all under the sky. He contemplated them in. He then appended his explanation to each line of the diagramsto determine the good or evil indicated by it. Hence those lines with their explanations are denominated Imitations the Yao.

The diagrams speak of the most complex phenomena under the sky, and yet there is nothing in them that need awaken dislike; the explanations of the lines speak of the subtlest movements under the sky, and yet there is nothing in them to produce confusion. A learner will Hai Lu And Li Jia Hang Hookup what is said under the diagramsand then speak; he will deliberate on what is said in the explanations of the linesand then move. By such consideration and deliberations he will be able to make all the changes which he undertakes successful.

Of spirits good I drain this cup; With thee a cup I'll freely share. If they be good, they will be responded to at a distance of more than a thousand Li; - how much more will they be so in the nearer circle! He occupies his apartment and sends forth his words. If they be evil, they will awaken opposition at a distance of more than a thousand Li; - how much more will they do so in the nearer circle!

Words issue from one's person, and proceed to affect the more info. Actions proceed from what is near, and their effects are seen at a distance.

Words and actions are the hinge and spring of the superior man. The movement of that hinge and spring determines glory or disgrace. His words and actions move heaven and earth; - may he be careless in regard to them? This in a public office toils; That in his home the time beguiles. One man his lips with silence seals; Another all his mind reveals.

But when two men are one in heart, Not iron bolts keep them apart; The words they link their union use, Fragrance like orchid plants diffuse. Such a course shows the height of carefulness. The white grass is a trivial thing, but, through the use made of it, it may become important.