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Bryan Stars Entrevista #6 Black Veil Brides - Andy e CC (LEGENDADO PT-BR)

Black veil brides

14 Sep Formed in Cincinnati and now based in California, Black Veil Brides plays a mix of glam metal, hard rock, and shock rock. The band enjoys. 21 Jan The sex was good, though. Would have made up for the more negative aspects of a hookup, if those negative aspects had been anything other than "is probably going to ritually murder me". "What's that supposed to be, anyway?" He finally asked, indicating Jinxx's chalk drawing with a nod of his head. Read #10 First Break Up from the story Black Veil Brides Preferences by ImNotPerfect_12 (Leda) with reads. pitts, ashley, imagines. (Y/N)= CC! I love you so much. Can I take a picture with you?" She asked CC. CC smiled and agreed and you swore he checked her out. "Hey (Y/N), can you take the photo." The girl.

We notice that your web browser is out-of-date. For the best experience on AXS. If you are still having issues, please contact support at support axs. Formed in Cincinnati and now based in California, Black Veil Brides plays a mix of glam metal, hard rock, and shock rock.

The band enjoys wearing black makeup, body paint, and black and studded clothing in part to pay homage to band such as Kiss and Motley Crue.

AXS spoke with CC source one of the liveliest and entertaining interviews ever caught on tape.

Tell me how you came to form Black Veil Brides. And how you would describe your musical approach?

Black Veil Brides Preferences

You know, we came together from all over the country. I got into the band because previously I was in a band with Jake and Jinxx, and we used to play songs together. Some of those songs were actually parts that ended up being in Black Veil Brides. It was Andy who started the band in Cincinnati during his teen-aged years. And of course Jake and Jinxx knew me, and so then we were all in. Our whole musical approach was just kind of to do—I mean, we just wanted to have fun and we were writing music and composing songs.

CC from Black Veil Brides tracking drums in the studio.

But we had this image, one that was like that of our predecessors. And so, we kind of did our own spin on that whole vibe, and our approach has evolved through the years, but I think that where we currently stand is probably the strongest the band has ever been, both in terms of our music and our image.

The year was also the year when you came to join the band. How did this come about? I mean, we rehearsed a lot, and I knew these two guitarists were just incredible. Funny thing, but that current incarnation of Black Veil Brides already had a drummer [Sandra Alvarenga], but she soon ended up leaving, and so it was a no brainer for the guys, with Jake and Jinxx saying they had the perfect guy, for the position.

I mean, they knew my personality and my styling, and it fit perfectly. Now, for me, I wanted to know if this new scene was going to be anything serious, as everything usually associated with this kind of thing can be super-saturated with promises and that sort of thing.

Black Veil Brides was supposedly just getting signed with Universal Republic and they were going to be the next big Who Is Cc From Black Veil Brides Hookup. And that was with an indie label, with the band just transitioning to Universal Republic.

Anyway, we all met up and talked out it, and they found out that I really wanted to do this for the rest of my life as a professional, so it all just clicked and it all fit. And so there it is. What can you tell me about your latest full-length studio album, which is self-titled?

What can fans expect to hear? We always pay homage to our forefathers in rock and metal, so one of our favorite albums was the Black album from Metallica, and it so happens that it was Bob Rock who approached us and—funny enough, as we were so humbled by this—he said he wanted to work with us.

The Story of the Wild Ones ], which was more pop oriented, so we were surprised that he wanted to work with us. Now, Wretched and Divine: The Click to see more of the Wild Ones was a concept album, and this time we just wanted to see what happened if we took a different approach.

On this new one, the self-titled album, we created it just by all getting in a room together and for the first time it was all of us just jamming and writing songs in the Who Is Cc From Black Veil Brides Hookup. This was different, as the process had been Jake and Jinxx writing songs see more their own home studio, bringing them to me so that I could change some parts here and there, and then building click here off of that.

It was an interesting process, and as a result I think that this album is much more organic that our previous releases.

This was our solid-rock album, and we all worked really hard on it go here are very proud Who Is Cc From Black Veil Brides Hookup the resultant organic feel with some heavy guitars. What would you say is your contribution when the band is writing the songs?

And do you contribute to the lyrics? You know, the way our band works, normally the music is created by Jake, Jinxx, and me. The lyrics are usually penned by Andy and Ashley. I feel that Andy has his own message to convey and I would worry about my contributions to it. Thing is, every song we construct is just different. Sometimes Jake will just write the whole thing out and Jinxx will come up with some harmonies.

Other times, one will have a terrific guitar riff and then both of them will work it out, finding a complementary bridge or something. And they will both have only one guitar, which they will keep passing to each other as the song evolves.

And sometimes I am there and they will ask for just a simple drum piece so that the building can keep going. What we want is for the basic song to sound as professional as possible before we present it to the other guys for them to hear the overall vibe. And from this point on it gets built further up. What can you remember about the night that the filming took place? Oh yeah, it was very special—it was a hometown show. It was my first time playing at the Wiltern Theater.

I remember my dad telling me that they used to go to boxing matches at the Wiltern, so just the venue itself has been around for what seems like forever. I thought you had to be outdoors or in something much bigger for that sort of thing. We sold it out, and it awesome to sell out such a legendary venue.

Who Is Cc From Black Veil Brides Hookup

The line wrapped all around the place, and when we got there we were all excited, and it was a great show and then filming the DVD. I have seen a couple of clips, but I have not seen it in its entirety.

Just the other day, I was joking with fans on Twitter, asking them to tell me how it is laughs. What goes through your mind seconds before you take the stage? How about seconds after you are into the opening song? I find here if I focus on playing my parts correctly, then I tend to make more mistakes.

My goal is always to give the crowd the best show I can. Any plans to perform in New Mexico, perhaps in Albuquerque? Have you ever been to the Land of Enchantment? We already played there, and we love coming through New Mexico, as the fans have always treated us right. Thing about the road, I tend to miss things, like being with my dog and cooking a streak on my own barbecue grill. I really want to thank the fans and invite them to come out to a show.

You haven't searched for anything yet. Black Veil Brides was supposedly just getting signed with Universal Republic and they were going to be the next big thing. She was around your age too. I got into the band because previously I was in a band with Jake and Jinxx, and we used to play songs together. CC stood there dumbfounded.

Keep rock alive, because I know that, at lease in my eyes, it feels like a dwindling genre. I mean, if you watch the Grammys, how many rock bands do you see? We are humbled that we have the fans who come out and continue to let use have a career in rock.

Who Is Cc From Black Veil Brides Hookup

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