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Stump Grinding with a chain saw. By David Termini part 1

Assessing a Tree Stump

14 Jun If you recently cut down a tree in your yard, you have several options for getting rid of the unsightly stump. You can dig it up by hand, grind it, burn it, or use a chemical stump remover. Use a shovel to dig next to the stump, exposing the roots underneath the surrounding dirt. This article highlights the most useful and effective techniques to remove a stump . Step-by-step tree stump removal instructions include how to remove a stump, chemical stump removal, grinding and more. Learn how to burn or rot a tree stump - Our guide includes what materials are needed and DIY directions. We show you how to easily get rid of stumps without expensive or labor-intensive methods.

Quick Tip: Remove a Tree Stump with Epsom Salt

We had a living hawthorn tree when we took on our plot. Blocking access and wasting space it was choked with ivy. The stems of the ivy were as thick as tyres, spiraled up the trunk and twisted into giant nests between the branches. It took about a year to get the tree down to knee height. I was going to use the stump as a seat, or carve out the middle and use it as a planter.

After a growing season of walking around it, tutting, and aiming the occasional kick, I decided that it had to go. Online research led me to expensive stump removal services, or hire of heavy tools and machinery. Even advice about burning it out involved drilling into it, our extension leads didn't reach and injecting it with dangerous chemicals or fuel.

Perhaps I could just burn it out? The wooden remains of the old garden shed were stacked nearby. The timbers clearly had woodworm and various rots, so there was fuel aplenty. As the only gardener in the family, and a lady one at that, I decided to try to get rid of the obstruction without using this web page heavy tools, machinery or chemicals. Firstly I dug around the stump to a depth of about a foot.

The burn I was planning was going to be slow, but the lower down I could get the fire the better. I put dry paper and good kindling Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump the base of what looked like an empty moat and a couple of pieces of Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump oldest, driest wood.

As the fire built up, I added the fuel as close to the side of the stump as possible. The first burn shrank the stump by about a third and dried it out considerably.

Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump

Handily a crack in the centre widened and one side of the stump, the opposite to where I had the bonfire, had a hollow base. Perfect spot to start bonfire number two. The system involved burning wood, incredibly slowly, by reducing the oxygen supply. As my intensive fire right next to the tree had only reduced it, I wondered about slow burning methods. We have an old rusting metal dustbin with no base. I knew it would come in handy one day.

When my fire had roared for over an hour, I put the dustbin over the top of the now shrunken stump.

A Anonymous Sep 15, It should begin to soften and rot within a few weeks. Of course, trees come down.

Any type of metal cylinder should do. I shoveled all the hot embers from around the stump and over the top of it. Then I pushed them down the gap, with the spade, between the stump and the dustbin suround.

After putting the last of the hot embers on top of the stump, I covered the whole top with damp leaves and then sealed it with a couple of shovel-fulls of damp soil. I checked on the slow burner, once or twice, and threw on some more leaves and soil. After two days, not only was the tree stump burned to ground level, but the embers were hot enough to ignite a few dry leaves thrown on top.

The remains were Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump. Obviously this process has not removed the whole depth of the stump but it did lower their remains to a foot below the surrounding soil level thanks to my initial digging. After leveling the soil I built a raised bed on top that will be fine for shallow rooting plants. The organic growing above will assist decomposition of the remains below while the area remains productive. The drainage may be poor in one third of the bed but the amount of charcoal I mixed into the soil below the bed will keep it fresh.

Learn more about tree stump killer and chemical stump removal here. It decays after a few years. Use an axe or a shovel to chop up the softened stump. House Hunters International 2: Alternatively, you can construct a tepee-like shape with the wood, placing one end on the ground and bringing the ends together above the stump in a cone shape.

I've topped the bed with compost, worms, and a layer of leaves to keep them busy. At the very least the slugs will hate it.

The idea for this chemical free method of stump removal was an adaptation from the ancient craft of charcoal making. I picked out the pieces to save for outdoor cooking but left the smaller fragments in the soil.

Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump

I was going to save the ash for fertiliser but decided not to as much of the old shed remains I had burnt were painted, probably with old toxic paints. While I'm glad to see the back of that old hawthorn tree, I have decided to make room in a better position for a new tree to replace it. We don't have space to grow trees to fuel our open fire but coppicing one willow tree, or hazel, for charcoal, seems worth trying now.

Small scale production of charcoal is achievable on an occasional basis. I don't have a lot of steel forging on my regular to-do lists, but charcoal is a perfect fuel for outdoor cooking.

How to Remove Tree Stumps

Charcoal is also beneficial in growing mediums, as an artists' material, and even as an ingredient in some types of food and medicines. When, as in this case, it is the by-product of a chemical and machine free method of stump removal, then getting rid of the dead wood seems well worth the effort.

Readers regularly send in Getting Rid Of A Tree Stump solutions. Subscribe to Permaculture magazine and learn how visit web page make May Whistles in issue It will be completely risk-free and sensible to hire a certified aborists and tree surgeons, if you want to remain on the safer side while eradicating the unwanted plants from your home surroundings. I have quite a large tree stump in my back garden.

We moved into a council house last year and our garden had a silver birch which was in danger of toppling over in a strong wind. The council sent a company around to cut down the tree but the stump was left and the roots are everywhere.

I now have to build a large pire and burn it out. Monday, 26th March Forget poison and stump grinding, Wendy Ogden has come up with the perfect solution: I was going to use the stump as a seat, or carve out the middle and use it as a planter After a growing season of walking around it, tutting, and aiming the occasional kick, I decided that it had to go. Help spread the permaculture word Hiring a tree removal service.

Removing a tree stump.

How to Rot a Tree Stump

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