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Does Height Matter?

What height would you consider a guy short?

Also what is your conception of short and tall? To me it doesnt make much sense but maybe its because I am short but a 5 foot 6 guy is short and you add a short d *ck in inches 6 inches and he is 6 foot and all of a sudden he is acceptable height ? How can someone be labeled tall or short in a matter of. 28 Jun maybe I got a little growing to do since I'm 18 but is 5'6'' short for a guy (in general )? thanks. 0. Reply . I'm 5ft 6 and idc if a guy is the same height or taller lol. Posted from I'm 5' but around 5''8 with shoes on, yeah its short in general but height isnt that big of a deal unless you're like 5'3 and under. 31 Mar It depends. Yes and no. Some women are superficial. And they'd say yes, that's too short. I've even seen women at 5'2" looking for a man 5'11 to 6'5". To me, that's ridiculous. I think there IS science behind what makes a good "fit" however. In my experience, a guy who's 6"-8" taller than his girl, fits together.

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Yup, I'm 6 feet and back in Portugal I was huge compared to the average guy Here in the Netherlands I'm short Yep, it's like a savanna here It's not uncommon to see guys over 6' I wouldn't want to be that tall though Some times i don't feel that shorts however some times i do. So Is 5 6 Short For A Man would not consider that short. If a guy is under 5' 6. Then i would consider him short. I'm 5'10, I don't feel tall however don't feel short either.

I'd rather be 6'2 though; that's a great height. I got more choice in selecting clothing I can easily shop in japan or europe To be fair to Napoleon, little was the leader among many taller than him. Yao's height shorted his NBA career. There was no hard work involved, it was all genetics, and growing up in an affluent society. Ideally we'd all be shorter.

I am 5 foot 6 male. do women automatically say no?

We'd use less resources and take up less space. Airlines would be able to cram in extra rows of seating without causing discomfort. Didn't say you were obese. Just wondering where you were going with the "don't have to eat 6 times a day". Where I was going with Napoleon, despite his height, he was a leader among men. So your "short man syndrome" is flawed. Funny you mentioned him. John Rhys-Davies the guy who plays Gimli is actually 6' 1", which makes him taller than a lot of the other actors in the movie.

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See, the whole idea of the post was trolling, and my purpose was just to resonate the trolling, that's all. If this statement was to be verified, I myself would be one the first to die; as I fall short by 6 inches: Oh and, I click here thought you'd ever even remember my real name Pedro, it feels so cool to be called by your name every once in a while!

I was about to make fun of how short you are My comment was "false anger", in jest I wanted to put an emote there to convey that but I didn't really know which one to use. It's ok, I'm sure you'll find other reasons to make fun of me XD And yeah, I'm 1,82 but I think I've done pretty well since my father was 1,69 he's already tall by Portuguese standards and my mother is 1,45 XD.

Well I took it that you were serious; you wouldn't have misled me if you'd used an emo; any emo, 'cause emos never convoy seriousness. Is 5 6 Short For A Man average height in Norway is in my opinion taller than this Maybe I just notice the ones who are taller than that and not the ones shorter I guess anything below 5'10" i would consider short. I myself am 6'1" and i wish i was like 6'3" but, already at my height, legroom seems lacking lol.

I'm http://hookupex.date/rin/how-get-rid-of-pimples-home-remedies.php, but not even 18 yet, so I hope I can hit 5''10 or '' You guys think that's realistic?

Please Log In to post. I've heard some people say that they think anything under 6 feet is short for a guy. What do you think?

Is 5 6 Short For A Man

Anything shorter than 6'2. I would consider short someone below cm. Proud to be 6' 2''. Ummm people below 5. I'd say anything under 5'8" cm and shorter in the US.

Is 5 6 Short For A Man

I'm a shade over 6'0" cm. Anyone under 6'3 should kill themselves. Audacitron Follow Forum Posts: I'm 5'7 and consider myself short for a guy. I worked with a guy who was 5'0".

Maybe you're going after supermodels. Are you form Texas or California? While I prefer someone close in height, I would make an exception for someone I really liked.

You guys got something against short-folk? Gaming-Planet Follow Forum Posts: Below the average, which is 5'6" I think. Acillatem Follow Forum Posts: Horgen Follow Forum Posts: ReadingRainbow4 Follow Forum Posts: As for short, I think anything under 5''6 is definitely in the short range. Bring back the main forum list.

I'm not sure if designers think women have short torsos or if they want your midrif exposed. Posted from TSR Mobile. As for short, I think anything under 5''6 is definitely in the short range. Let them go find their jolly green giants and just move on to someone worth the effort. I wont date a short man