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New play by WCT tells the story of s Canadian championship women’s hockey team

4 Aug Many obliged, filling the daily columns with a wide variety of emotional issues, banal problems and moral dilemmas, in letters that ranged from enquiries over etiquette to advice on adulterous spouses. We now associate agony aunt columns with women's magazines. During the s, however, many of. Answers to women's beauty questions from the late s. Helen Temple's Beauty Advice Column by Glamourpost. January 23rd, Faded beauty. This isn't exactly a beauty problem but i would be glad of your advice. I am a brunette with a little natural coloring and I am anxious to buy a hat to wear with a. During the s numerous other syndicated columnists caught the public's attention for their interpretation of the politics of the Depression. .. who was the original Beatrice Fairfax, advice columnist; Genevieve Forbes Herrick of the Chicago Tribune; and journalist Lorena Hickok, reporter for the AP, who would become the.

Today we have a special guest post by vintage makeup expert Gabriela Hernandez, Founder of Besame Cosmetics. I asked her to give us a simple guide to creating s makeup for both day and evening looks.

Simple, Natural 1930s Makeup Guide

This is not a sponsored article although I may receive a small commission if you purchase Besame makeup through any of the following links. Thank you for your support. But the difference is that in the s and s, fantasy ruled. Led by the motion picture industry, the optimistic illusion was sustained that life was indeed glamorous, in spite of the extreme hardships of The Great Depression, the Dustbowl, and World War II.

Back then, movie stars always looked like movie stars. This degree of artifice is what makes the retro images so glamorous. Specifically, for instance, eyebrow tweezing. A very light complexion with a delicate pink undertone is considered the ideal.

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Although Coco Chanel had made the Riviera suntan a status symbol in the s, the goddesses of film kept their skin super-pale. The desired effect in the s was not rugged, wholesome or outdoorsy, so bright pink cheeks were not in vogue. For an authentic s look, use just a bit of go here rouge high on the cheekbone, and finish with a pat of translucent powder.

The brow of the s is extreme—super-skinny. As was true in the s, the brow is plucked into a single, thin line. In some cases, the brow is shaved off entirely, then drawn in with a pencil.

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In the s, the arch was made much higher, forming a lofty half-moon shape, and the outer edges winged out Jean Harlow is a very glamorous example of how this brow was worn. In the s, women used olive oil or a dab of petroleum jelly on their eyelids for a bit of shine.

One woman wrote to Mrs. Between the wars, things were changing for fathers in Britain. Over the summer, I've been doing research for a new hands-on here coming to the museum next year. You can create this effect today with cake mascara or cream mascara, in black or brown. Or, you could relive the early s and try making your own—just be sure to warn your coworkers first!

Eyeliner pencil was a standard beauty must-have in the s. Often, the entire upper and lower lid were lined in brown grease-pencil. Dark lashes were desired, and henna was often used to create a long-lasting stain. Sleek and slim lines were preferred, and thick lashes were not the desired look.

The look of the era was a defined, separated lash that could be sharp, or curled, with an emphasis on the individual lashes standing clearly in a stark row.

You can create this effect today with cake mascara or cream mascara, in black or brown. Early film was not especially sensitive, so sometimes actresses wore black lipstick in front of the camera to create contrast. The lipstick worn by women in real life was almost always red, and needed to be applied with a lip brush, then blotted because the formula was heavy. Applying lipstick, blotting, then reapplying is still the best way to achieve a lasting red lip. Use the thin edge to outline, and the wider, flat surface to fill.

A summer, daytime color with shine. A classic 30ss shade. Subtle and light for daywear. Full, pouty lips for the 30s.

Hookup A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s

Use this handy guide to create an easy s makeup look. Move on to s makeup guide or back to the s guide. Gabriela Hernandez is an artist, beauty historian, and the founder of Besame Cosmetics.

As leisure time and home ownership increased, there were more things for British men to do at home, from listening to the wireless to taking part in new masculine hobbies such as DIY. I suggest you practice deep breathing night and morning before an open window. Amolin The Personal Deodorant Powder, ca.

Gabriela started the Besame brand in Los Angeles inwhere the cosmetics are manufactured. She frequently consults with the television and film industries regarding how to create authentic period effects on-camera. Your email address will not be published. Glamorous eyes for day or night. June Lang applying mascara. Irresistible perfume ad from the s.

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Hookup A Player Advice Columns From The 1930s

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